UW-Eau Claire secures silver military friendliness rank

The university continues its two-year streak by receiving a silver-level medal for their military friendliness.

Allison Hinrichs

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Photo By: Allison. Veteran Services is located on the bottom floor of Schofield in room 20.

In early March, UW-Eau Claire was awarded a silver medal for their military-friendliness. 

According to the UW-Eau Claire website, the institution has continued its upward veteran-friendly trajectory. On March 22, Military Friendly revealed their list of schools that earned the upcoming 2022-23 Military Friendly Schools award designations.

UW-Eau Claire managed to rise from last year’s bronze-medal ranking to becoming one of just 20 four-year universities to receive the silver-level medal for military friendliness.

Out of a total of 655 four-year and two-year U.S. colleges and universities, only a third of 1,800 received either gold-, silver- or bronze-level recognition.

According to Military Friendly, the silver-rank designation is only awarded to institutions that ranked within 20% of overall top schools.

Viqtory, the veteran owned media company responsible for running Military Friendly, conducted a survey and used their database to analyze metrics.

Institutions were measured for their ability to meet/exceed retention, graduation rates, job placement success and loan default rates for student-veterans.

No other Wisconsin public institution ranked higher than UW-Eau Claire.

Casey Boatman, third-year material science and engineering student, said the campus is “definitely veteran-friendly.”

Boatman said that when he made the decision to transfer from a California school to UW-Eau Claire, the transition was easy thanks to staff like Miranda Cross-Schindler, manager of military and veteran services at UW-Eau Claire in the Veteran Center.

“Miranda works as a bit of a liaison between the military and the university,” Boatman said. “She made sure my transfer was seamless.”

The Veterans Center on campus was first established as a space for veteran students, faculty and staff, “to honor them for their service to the country.”

According to a UW-Eau Claire article, Cross-Schindler said that in 2020 the “center recently underwent renovations. Raising over $50,000 from generous alumni and other supporters of student veterans.”

Collin Smith, a fourth-year biology student and service member, gave recognition to the university for its veteran services.

“Professors here are lenient about getting assignments done earlier or later which is really helpful,” Smith said. “I appreciate that they know we are busy and accommodations are necessary.”

For the nearly 500 military-connected students on the UW-Eau Claire campus, all are welcome to use the Veterans Center to study, socialize or receive help from staff and enjoy the renovations of their new, upgraded center.

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