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2017-2018 Staff

Nicole Bellford

Editor in chief

Nicole Bellford is the Editor in chief at The Spectator. She is a senior journalism student at UW-Eau Claire and this is her fourth semester on staff. In her spare time, she enjoys competing on the university swim team, eating...

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Emilee Wentland

Managing editor

Emilee Wentland is the managing editor of The Spectator. She is majoring in journalism with a minor in multimedia communication and a certificate in LGBTQ+ studies. This is her third semester at The Spectator. she enjoys concert-going,...

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Rachyl Houterman

News Editor

Rachyl Houterman is a senior journalism student with a minor in political science. She has been at The Spectator for three semesters. In her free time, she enjoys building puzzles, hanging out with her dog Sophie, reading and...

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Erica Jones

Currents Editor

Erica Jones is a junior journalism student who loves dogs, books, her family and crafting. In her spare time, you can likely find her napping or eating ice cream, even if it seems to cold for anyone to do the latter.

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Scott Procter

Sports Editor

Scott Procter is a third-year journalism student. He enjoys playing football for UW-Eau Claire, listening to music and playing 2K.

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Faith Hultman

Op/Ed Editor

Faith Hultman is a senior English education major with a Spanish m minor. She is the Op/Ed editor at The Spectator. In her free time she can be found looking at cats on the Human Society website and drafting PowerPoints to present...

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Lindsey Ambrosius

Multimedia Editor

Lindsey Ambrosius is the multimedia editor at The Spectator. She is a senior iSC major with a multimedia and global studies minor. In her free time she enjoys drinking coffee and eating chicken nuggets.

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Maggie Cipriano

Chief Copy Editor

Maggie Cipriano is the chief copy editor at The Spectator and a sophomore at UW-Eau Claire. Her passions include Anthony Bourdain, LUSH and eating a wide variety of food. In her free time, she is often found daydreaming about...

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Taylor Reisdorf

Copy Editor

Taylor Reisdorf is a junior critical studies major with a multimedia communication minor. She enjoys spending time with her friends, going to new places and eating.

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Rachel Helgeson

Staff Writer

Rachel Helgeson is a staff writer and photographer for The Spectator. She is a third-year journalism student with a minor in multimedia communication. This is her first semester on staff at The Spectator, but she also writes...

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Clara Neupert

Copy Editor

Clara Neupert is a sophomore journalism student. This is her second semester working for The Spectator. Besides writing, Clara loves to mountain bike, eat peanut butter and laugh.

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Jessie Meyen

Staff Writer

Jessie Meyen is a staff writer at The Spectator and a third-year journalism student. She enjoys bubble baths, drinking tea, napping and binge-watching reality TV.

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Brittany Walczak

Staff Writer

Brittany Walczak is a staff writer at The Spectator. She is a third-year creative writing student with a minor in multimedia communication. In her free time, she enjoys reading fan fiction and playing trumpet with the Blugold...

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Kar Wei Cheng

Staff Photographer

Kar Wei Cheng is a staff photographer at The Spectator and a junior studying integrated strategic communications with an emphasis in public relations. She has a passion for cooking and linguistics.

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Henry Erickson

Staff Writer

Henry Erickson is a sophomore social work students and a staff writer at The Spectator. Other hobbies outside of writing for The Spectator include mountain biking and casual photography.

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Alivia Kistler

Staff Writer

Alivia Kistler is a staff writer for The Spectator and a first-year with a critical studies major and art history minor. In her free time she enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and drawing.

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Macey VanDenMeerendonk

Staff Writer

Macey VanDenMeerendonk is a sophomore English creative writing student. She is a staff writer for The Spectator and is a rider on the UW-Eau Claire Equestrian Team. She enjoys baking and hiking with friends.

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Gabbie Henn

Staff Photographer

Gabbie Henn is one of the staff photographers on The Spectator and is a first-year who is currently undeclared for her major. She enjoys an assortment of food shows such as Great British Baking Show, loves finding new thrift stores...

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Rebecca Mennecke

Staff Writer

Rebecca "Becca" Mennecke is a first-year psychology and creative writing student who is excited to be a staff writer for her first semester at The Spectator! Becca is most likely to be found wearing a cozy cardigan sweater, drinking...

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Madeline Peterson

Staff Writer

Madeline Peterson is a first-year English critical studies student with a minor in Spanish. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking and getting parking tickets.

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