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As part of The Spectator team, our advertising staff is enthusiastically connecting local and national businesses with UW-Eau Claire students. We want your business to have a voice in our market. Equally, we want to offer fun and economical advertising options to the campus community. If you would like a chance to speak to student consumers in Eau Claire, we are here to facilitate your promotional plans with an excellent medium.

For advertising rates, please email or call for current rates!

104 Hibbard Hall
P.O. Box 4004
Eau Claire, WI 54702


The Market

University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire students make up roughly 20 percent of the Eau Claire population. This lucrative market spends millions of dollars each year in the Eau Claire area on food and retail goods and services.


Undergraduates: 12,000
Graduate Students: 500
Faculty/Staff: 1,500
Total: 14,000

38% of all undergraduates live on campus
More than 5,000 students own cars
Students spend almost $2.6 million monthly

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