The Spectator

2019-2020 Staff

Jenna Erickson

Jenna Erickson is a first-year integrated strategic communications and Spanish student. This is her second semester on The Spectator. Jenna loves coffee, singing and playing the marimba.

Taylor Wilkinson

Taylor Wilkinson is a third-year photography student. This is her second semester on The Spectator. She enjoys drinking coffee, laughing, and rock-climbing. You can usually find her sleeping in a hammock.

Morgan Burke

Morgan Burke is a second-year photography major with a minor in multimedia communications. This is her second semester with The Spectator, and in her free time, she enjoys listening to music and performing with the BMB.

Alee Erickson

Alee Erickson is a second-year geography student. This is her second semester on The Spectator. She enjoys collecting rocks and making friendship bracelets.

Owyn Peters

Owyn Peters is a second-year computer science student. He enjoys taking photos, riding bikes, and going on adventures. You can often find him on Lower Campus.

Tiana Kuchta

Tiana Kuchta is a  fourth-year English critical studies student. Outside of The Spectator, she enjoys spending her time reading, being with family, catching up on Netflix and being surrounded by cats.

McKenna Dirks

McKenna Dirks is a second-year business and journalism student. This is her third semester on The Spectator staff. She loves her baby succulents and spontaneously driving to Canada. She’s also obsessed with cookie dough.

Joel Meier

Joel Meier is a second-year Marketing Analytics student. He is the brand ambassador at The Spectator for his second year on staff. He enjoys eating spicy food and bell peppers with peanut butter.

Lauren Spierings

Lauren Spierings is a second-year Spanish and journalism student. She enjoys trying all types of new foods and listening to lots of random music artists. She is spending semester studying abroad in Spain.

Lea Kopke

Lea Kopke is a second-year journalism and German student. She fills her free time with tasty coffee, the BMB and silly dog pictures. Lea is spending this semester studying abroad in Germany.

Ta’Leah Van Sistine

Ta’Leah is a second-year journalism and creative writing student who is working at the Spectator for her fourth semester. When she’s not writing and telling stories, she loves spending time outside, reading good books and...

Bridget Kelley

Bridget Kelley is a third-year journalism student and Managing Editor for The Spectator. Bridget enjoys babies, coffee and oxford commas. Kelley has not yet found gluten-free donuts, so keep suggestions coming.

Taylor Reisdorf

Taylor Reisdorf is a graduate student in the English program who revels in both telling and engaging with compelling stories. This is her seventh semester with The Spectator. She prides herself in her adaptability and desire to...

Madeline Fuerstenberg

Madeline Fuerstenberg is a third-year journalism student. This is her second semester as Editor-in-Chief and her only goal for the semester is to avoid a nervous breakdown.

Clara Neupert

Neupert is a fourth-year journalism student at UW-Eau Claire. She is the executive producer of Engage Eau Claire on Blugold Radio Sunday. In her spare time, Neupert's working on becoming a crossword puzzle expert.

Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson is a second-year journalism major with a Spanish minor. Outside of classes and The Spectator he enjoys listening to music, having unintelligible conversations with his roommates, playing an embarrassing amount of video...

Macey VanDenMeerendonk

Macey VanDenMeerendonk is a senior English Creative Writing major. She likes to cook, go camping, and travel every chance she gets!

Grace Olson

Grace Olson is a second year journalism and sociology student. This is her first semester on The Spectator. She loves dogs, coffee, astrology, music, and watching movies.

Evelyn Nelson

Evelyn Nelson is a first-year Journalism and Spanish student. This is her second semester on The Spectator. She enjoys visiting local coffee shops, fits of laughter and journaling.

Robin Armagost

Robin Armagost is a first-year English and Journalism student. She loves to play Pokémon and Super Smash Bros.

Sam Janssen

Sam Janssen is a second-year student with an undeclared major. This is his first year with The Spectator. In his free time he enjoys being an avid sports fan and playing the guitar.

Will Seward

Will Seward is a fourth-year creative writing major, minoring in physics and chemistry. Alongside The Spectator, he is also a co-host for Blugold Radio Sunday's shows: Blugold Literary Broadcast and How'd You End Up Here? Ou...

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