Women’s lacrosse squares off against Southwest University in Texas

UW-Eau Claire endures defeat against Southwest University with a score of 9-5


Photo by Shane Opatz on blugolds.com

The UW-Eau Claire women’s lacrosse team began the semester by heading down to Georgetown, Texas last week for a game against Southwest University.

Riley Domagala, a third-year student from Bloomington, Minnesota, said the best part about traveling to away games is how close everyone gets.

“Whether it is singing karaoke on the bus or late-night talks in hotel rooms, we always manage to have a good time wherever we go,” Domagala said.  

According to blugolds.com, both teams scored evenly during the first quarter with the opening goal going to the Southwest Pirates. 

Shortly thereafter the Blugolds scored with an unassisted goal by Kylah Krause, a fourth-year student from Belleville, Illinois. By the end of the opening period the Blugolds had scored eight goals while Southwest scored nine.

“We are excited to grow as a team,” Aubrianne Neubert, the UW-Eau Claire’s women’s lacrosse coach, said. “That team chemistry and connection comes through time on the field against good competition.”

In the second period, the Pirates took the lead in the first two minutes and scored twice. In response, Samantha Burns, a second-year student from Mahtomedi, Minnesota, struck a goal for UW-Eau Claire. In the final ten minutes of the quarter, Southwest outscored UW-Eau Claire 12-3.

The third quarter had the Blugolds scoring twice with only six minutes left on the clock. An assist by Krause and Lily Zygowicz, a first-year student from Lafayette, Colorado, gained ground for the Blugolds at the 8:50 minute mark. 

A second assist was scored by Ruby Pozorski, a second-year student from Burnsville, Minnesota, and Zygowicz. The Pirates came back in the last 30 seconds of the quarter and earned a 7-4 advantage as they headed into the fourth and final quarter.

Game watchers can expect fast-paced and high-scoring games from the team this semester, Neubert said, “as well as a great group of freshmen that are excited to represent UWEC on the field.”

Southwest continued to lead in the fourth quarter leaving the Blugolds struggling to catch up. UW-Eau Claire scored their final goal at the 5:11 minute mark when Domagala scored.

The game ended with Southwest scoring a 28-22 advantage in shots and leading with 19-14 shots on goal, the final score was 5-9.

Neubert is excited to see how the new team grows this season.

“The level of play has gone up every year with our incoming classes,” Neubert said. “The players are more committed and dialed in and as a coach, I couldn’t ask for more.”

Domagala said she is looking forward to squaring off against UW-La Crosse and UW-River Falls.

“Those two teams always challenge us and make us use every strength and skill we have,” Domagala said. “I can’t wait to compete against them and show them what we’ve got.”

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