Police Blotter

Campus police denied consent to search dorm room

Avery Shanahan

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Police Blotter
November 17, 2021

UW-Eau Claire Police were called to assist three vehicle mishaps and one possible marijuana case this week. 

Bumper Cars in Schneider Lot

On Nov. 18, an officer was dispatched to the Schneider Hall parking lot for a possible car crash. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the drivers of the vehicles involved. 

The driver of vehicle A was attempting to park in the Schneider lot, when she misjudged the distance and the right bumper of her vehicle hit the left rear bumper of vehicle B. 

Both drivers in the incident did not require medical assistance and only slight damage was reported for vehicle A. 

Always look both ways 

At around 6 p.m on Nov. 19, an officer was dispatched to University Drive near Oakridge Residence Hall in response to a vehicle crash. 

The complainant stated she was driving down University Drive with her two children, when a car pulled out of the Oakridge lot directly in front of her, causing the vehicles to collide. 

The complainant stated that she and her children were okay, but her car had sustained a substantial amount of damage and would need to be towed.

The officer then spoke to the other driver involved in the crash. She stated that she did not look both ways before exiting the lot and also failed to yield for any oncoming traffic. 

The driver was given a citation for failing to yield and the officer cleared the scene.

You shall not pass

On Nov. 21, an officer was dispatched to Murray Hall for possible marijuana usage. The complainant told the officer that she smelled what she thought was marijuana from a specific room on the third floor. 

After checking the other rooms on the floor to determine the source of the smell, the officer ultimately identified a smell coming from one room.

The officer made contact with the individual who lived in the room and asked if they had been smoking or had smoked any marijuana. The individual denied smoking or having any marijuana in his possession. 

When asked if the officer could do a search of the room, the individual did not give consent and the officer was denied entry. In front of his room, the officer explained the university ordinances regarding drug use or possession of drug paraphernalia. 

The individual stated that they understood and the officer cleared the scene. 

Cut it too close

An officer patrolling near First Avenue on Nov. 22, observed a vehicle with hazards on Hudson Street. 

The officer circled back around to the vehicle to see if they needed any assistance. The driver stated that he was out of gas and was waiting for someone to bring him some. 

The officer asked if he needed any further assistance or wanted the officer to wait until help arrived, but the driver stated that someone would be arriving soon to help.

The officer cleared the scene. 

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