Police Blotter

Campus police observe Bollinger bathroom break in

Avery Shanahan

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Police Blotter
November 24, 2021

UW-Eau Claire Police responded to two traffic incidents, as well as a possible break in this week. 

Phillips Lot Fiasco 

An officer responded to a vehicle crash in the Phillips Hall parking lot at 10 a.m. on Nov, 11. The officers spoke with the complainant and were informed the accident had occurred about 30 minutes before. 

The complainant said she was pulling into a parking spot when the vehicle in the spot directly adjacent, began to back out and struck her vehicle. 

The accident resulted in minor damage to the complainant’s vehicle and the drivers involved exchanged the necessary contact information. 

The officer was able to get in contact with the driver of the other vehicle to ensure they were okay and did not require any medical attention. The scene was cleared and the officer filed the statements for the accident report. 

Speeding on Water 

At around 10 p.m. on Nov. 14th, an officer was performing stationary patrol on Water Street. The officer noted a car traveling westbound that appeared to be speeding. The radar antenna was used and the car was observed to be going 44 miles per hour, almost 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. 

The officer performed a traffic stop, and was able to get in contact with the driver. The driver stated he believed the speed limit was 30 miles per hour. 

The driver was issued a citation for exceeding the speed limit, and was also given a non-mandatory court date.

Bye-Bye Bike

Campus Police were called to respond to an individual who reported their bike being stolen on Nov. 12. The complainant claimed they had secured their bike with a lock on the east side of the Haas Fine Arts building on Oct. 26. 

The complainant returned to retrieve his bike on Nov. 10 and observed both the bike and the lock were gone. He had contacted UWEC facilities to see if it was removed, but they had not removed or received any bikes within that time. 

The officer was given a description of the bicycle and the complainant was given the case number and information of the officer, in case any additional information could be provided. 

The officer cleared the scene. 

Bollinger Bathroom Break-in 

At 10:30 p.m. on Nov. 13, an officer had observed a broken lock at the Bollinger Field North Bathrooms. The officer was able to distinguish that the strike plate was bent and had pry marks on it and the bolt plate had been sheared off. 

Because of the broken mechanism, the officer was able to open the door, while the handle remained locked. The officer did not observe any signs of tampering within the bathroom, and nothing seemed out of place. 

There was no damage to any of the other facilities in Bollinger Field, and the officer monitored the facilities overnight. 

A locksmith was called to fix the broken lot and University Recreation and Sports Facilities

and Facilities Management were asked to check this room and report back if anything had been stolen or tampered with.

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