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Campus police rescue stray cat and find smashed eggs on footbridge

Avery Shanahan

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Police Blotter
November 24, 2021

This week, UW-Eau Claire’s Police stumbled upon potential vandalism and a stray cat on the footbridge. 

Egg-citement on the footbridge

At 10 p.m. on Oct. 19, officers doing a nightly patrol of campus observed  a group of individuals on the university footbridge. 

Upon the officers’ approach, the group of individuals quickly fled the area. When officers  reached the area, police found remnants of several broken eggs. 

The officers patrolled the area around the footbridge in their vehicles to locate and identify the potential vandals, but were unable to find them. 

Odor in Oakridge

An officer was called to Oakridge Residence Hall at 10 p.m. on Oct. 18. The complainant called the police about a smell that they claimed was marijuana. 

The officer was directed to where the odor was coming from, but was unable to discern what the burnt smell was or where it came from. 

The rooms in both wings on the floor were searched, but no additional information could be found, and the scene was cleared.

Cat Capture

An officer patrolling near the footbridge on campus witnessed  a bicyclist almost run over a stray cat. The officer expressed concern and asked for additional help from another officer to catch it. 

Together, the officers followed the stray near the bank of the Chippewa River. The officers observed that the cat did not have a collar, and appeared to have not been cared for. 

They noted a crusty material on the cat’s face, as well as a sore above one of the cat’s eyes. The cat was standoffish and would not let the officers approach. 

The officer who initially expressed concern for the cat, stated she would pay for the veterinarian bills, as well as possibly adopt the stray if they were able to catch it. 

The boyfriend of the officer came with supplies to catch the cat, including cat food and a pet carrier. The team attempted to lure the cat into the carrier by luring it with food. 

After one escape attempt, the officers were able to secure the cat and provide it with the  necessary care at the Eau Claire Humane Society.

Suspended registration [and] expired insurance

Near 10 p.m. on Oct. 23, an officer in their patrol car was following a vehicle with a suspended registration. The officer was able to determine the car owed $85.00 worth of parking tickets, to the La Crosse Police Department. 

The officer performed a traffic stop on the vehicle and informed them of their suspended registration. The driver said he was aware of the suspension, and was currently disputing the tickets with the La Crosse Police Department. 

The driver was asked for documentation of the dispute as well as updated proof  of insurance for the vehicle. He was unable to provide either of those documents. 

A citation of $175.30 was issued to the driver for operating a vehicle with a suspended registration. 

Rather than issuing another citation for the expired proof of insurance, the officer issued a written warning and informed the driver that if he continued to drive with a suspended registration, more citations would be given. 

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