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UW-Eau Claire police called to address man bow hunting near Putnam Park

Avery Shanahan

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Police Blotter
November 24, 2021

Burnt food causes evacuation of a residence hall for the second week in a row and a man is found bow hunting near campus.

Burnt popcorn brings police to residence hall

UW-Eau Claire police and fire department were called around 10 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 4. They were responding to a fire alarm that was set off in the on-campus Suites residence hall. 

Upon arrival, the officer surveyed the building had been properly evacuated before continuing to check the fire alarm panel to determine the source. 

After inspection, the source of the smoke was found to be in the lounge area of the fifth floor. The Eau Claire Fire Department disposed of a visibly charred popcorn bag and the officer was able to reset the alarm and clear the scene. 

Smells like marijuana

Around 9 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 10, an officer was dispatched to Towers North residence hall for a potential drug case. 

A resident assistant of the building called the officer about a burnt marijuana smell, but neither the officer or the RA were able to determine the origin of the smell. 

Without knowledge of the source, the officer informed the complainant to call back with any updates.

A man with a bow in a city park 

The morning of Oct. 8, UW-Eau Claire Police were dispatched to a home near Putnam Park. An individual had called the police due to a concern of a man who appeared to be hunting for deer near Putnam Park. 

The compaintat expressed concerns about deer baiting and the safety of the individuals that utilize the park.

The officer met with the owner of the property and explained the ordinance of bow hunting within city limits, and that it is prohibited to shoot deer in city parks, even if you are located on private property.

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