Mikoulinskii and Schilling sworn in as president and vice president

Student senate meeting kicks off 65th session with transfer of power

Avery Shanahan

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November 24, 2021

Student Senate met for a short meeting Monday evening to swear in its new president and vice president. 

The meeting commenced at 6:04 p.m. and began with the swearing in of two new senate members who were not present at last week’s meeting. 

The meeting then moved on to personnel matters and the resignation of the senate members who are graduating or not returning next session. 

Following the resignations, Justin Schilling, a third-year broadfield social studies student, was sworn into office as the vice president by former vice president Joe Murphy. 

Jaden Mikoulinskii, a third-year sociology student, took her oath of office from former student body president Anna Ziebell. 

The 65th session was presented with no new business, so the meeting concluded with well wishes and congratulations to the new senate members, president and vice president. 

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