65th session inaugurated at last meeting of the semester

The 64th session of senate concluded with emotional closing reports and the swearing in of new senate members

Avery Shanahan

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November 24, 2021

The final pieces of legislation for the 64th session of Student Senate were introduced and voted upon at the last meeting of the semester.

The meeting began with weekly reports from the cabinet, commission directors and coordinators.

President Anna Ziebell gave a closing address reflecting on this current session and her past semesters in the Senate. 

“You will never realize how much impact every person you meet in college, especially in a leadership position,” Ziebell said. “Student Senate has given me some of the most memorable experiences I will ever have.”

Vice President Joe Murphy also reflected on his time as a member of Student Senate, specifically the shortened timeline of this session. 

“This has been one of the most challenging years ever for our student governance, but this legislative team made sure that we responded to COVID-19 with resounding success,” Murphy said. 

Following announcements, the body moved to unfinished business.

Bill 64-B-16 voted on the approval of the Information Technology Commission Budget. This budget goes toward the maintenance of technology on campus and the funding of technology projects at the university.

The Senate also voted to adopt the Green Building Certification of the Sonnentag Complex. Bill 64-B-17 proposed hiring a third party to ensure the construction of the newly approved Sonnentag Complex utilizes sustainable practices. 

The final bill of the 64th session supported changes to the Student Senate Bylaws. These changes included updates to reallocations voted on during the session and an emergency response clause. 

“I think the redundancies they have eliminated, the gender-inclusive language they’re adding and the emergency operation clauses are necessary if something like COVID were to happen again,” Senator Nolan Buss said. 

All three of these bills passed with a vote of 25-0-2.

After the unfinished business section closed, the 64th session was concluded. The election committee moved to certify the election results and the new senate members of the 65th session took the oath of office. 

The 65th session began with the introduction and vote of resolutions to the new body. 

Bill 65-R-1 was a resolution introduced in support of Fossil Fuel Divestment in the UW-System and Foundation. 

This resolution calls for the removal of fossil fuel investment and the reinvestment in clean energy options and local community controlled companies to combat social injustice and the climate crisis. 

“Until now, I had no idea that the UW-System invested in fossil fuels. I am surprised and upset by this fact, especially the way it directly contradicts the University’s mission for carbon neutrality,” Senator Adler Kranich, said. 

This resolution passed with a vote 27-0-2. 

The final resolution of the night proposes honoring May as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. 

This resolution includes hosting events that celebrate AAPI heritage of the students on campus and across the United States.

Bill 65-R-2 was passed with a vote of 27-0-2. 

The new President and Vice President will be sworn in on Monday, April 26. 

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