“Blu’s Org Showcase” goes virtual

    University app “Blugold Connect” allows students to participate in online organizations

    Allison Hinrichs

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    Blugold Connect is the official UW-Eau Claire Events app that allows students to stay connected and updated on events happening around campus.

    Last semester, COVID-19 precautions forced UW-Eau Claire event coordinators to get creative by holding the Blu’s Organizations Bash virtually through UW-Eau Claire’s Activities, Involvement and Leadership YouTube channel.

    This semester, Sarah Thommesen, senior coordinator of engagement, said she has contributed to the Blu’s Organization Bash and Showcase since 2006. For this year’s event, she wanted to change things up.

    “The pandemic has created an opportunity for us to experiment with various online approaches,” Thommesen said. “This spring, we are utilizing the Blugold Connect platform not only to showcase all 210 student organizations but to ensure students become more familiar with the platform and know where to go when researching student organizations that they are interested in joining.”

    Blugold Connect is the official UW-Eau Claire Events app that allows students to stay connected and updated on events happening around campus. 

    UW-Eau Claire has been using this app to inform students about events on campus for the past four years, but this is the first time it has been used to showcase BOB. 

    “We want to be as intentional as we can to ensure students are staying safe,” Thommesen said. “At the same time, they are made more aware of the Blugold Connect platform and how it can enhance their co-curricular experience,”

    UW – Eau Claire’s Activities, Involvement and Leadership community said the app offers many opportunities for students to participate. 

    The Blugold Connect App:

    • Will allow students to take part in the showcase safely and remotely
    • Will allow students to be informed of all student organizations, not just the ones that set up stands during the previous showcases when it was still in person
    • Students can directly request to join any organization via the app
    • Students can also contact student organization leadership easily from the app with any questions they might have

    Unlike previous BOB showcases, the Blugold Connect platform will allow students to partake in the event from any location — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, instead of the showcase only being available at certain times.

    Ava Brey, a second-year student at UW-Eau Claire, said she has always viewed the BOB as one of her favorite events on campus.

    “I am grateful to the Activities, Involvement and Leadership office for adapting the showcase so students can still learn about organizations and clubs safely and from home,” Brey said.

    The first promotional announcements were shared with the student body last Tuesday through email. Emails and notifications through the Blugold Connect app will continue to be shared weekly through March 14.

    For additional information on the Spring 2021 Blu’s Organization Online Showcase, contact Sara Thommesen at [email protected].Hinrichs can be reached [email protected].