UW-Eau Claire women’s lacrosse finishes season with an overall record of 13-2

    UW-Eau Claire’s final game ends in a blugold loss against UW-Riverfalls for the second time this season

    Allison Hinrichs

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    Photo by SUBMITTED

    Photo from Blugold Athletics

    After originally being postponed due to poor weather conditions, the women’s lacrosse re-match between UW-Eau Claire and UW-River Falls finally went head-to-head. 

    UW-Eau Claire hosted the match on Simpson field for their final regular-season game. The quarter began swiftly with an immediate goal by UW-Eau Claire, followed by a second unassisted goal from Samantha Burns.

    Burns took advantage of an opening and scored at approximately 3:16 during the second quarter. 

    According to Blugold.com, the Falcons’ held a hard offense against the Blugolds during the second quarter. With the home team down 11-2, the game was pushed into halftime.

    Second-year defensive player Abbigail Pepka said this past season was memorable because it was the first season they got to actually play since COVID-19.

    “Having a full season of games made getting to know my teammates, especially the new freshman, a lot easier,” Pepka said. 

    In the third quarter, UW-Eau Claire first-year midfielder Ruby Pozorskiscored the first goal with an assist from third-year defensive player Natalie Hanson Burns took advantage of another opening during the third quarter and scored once more for the Blugolds.

    Pozorski said that the most memorable part of the season was bonding during road trips and bus rides to away games.

    “It showed on the field the success we had not only in our record, but also how well we have worked together and our confidence in each of our players,” Pozorski said.

    The fourth quarter of the game began slowly with an initial score from the Falcons. The final quarter saw less action on the field with the Blugolds scoring only one goal this quarter.

    Second-year  Riley Domagala shot an unassisted goal at 2:47, scoring the last goal of UW-Eau Claire’s 2021-2022 season.

    Aubrianne Hilton Neubert, the UW-Eau Claire women’s lacrosse team’s head coach, said in comparison to previous seasons she has coached, the coaching staff and the chemistry of the girls on the team made a big difference in the gameplay.

    “They really trust each other,” Neubert said.” They are very close on and off the field and that translates to when we do play on the field.” 

    UW-Eau Claire women’s lacrosse team ended their season shooting 46.2% and averaging 16.27 goals per game with an overall record of 13-2.

    According to Pozorski, although the team finished the season with a loss, the UW-Eau Claire women’s lacrosse team relished the record they maintained this season as well as the fellow teammates that helped achieve it.

    She attributed much of the women’s lacrosse team’s success to the supportive nature of both her teammates and the coaching staff and the positive environment it created.

    “This aspect has contributed to a lot of our success, especially as such a young team and it will continue to help us going forward.” Pozorski said. 

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