Women’s basketball faced off against UW-Stevens Point before the quarterfinals

    The blugolds lose back to back games before the WIAC finals

    Cade Fisher

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    Photo by Bill Hoepner, UWEC Photo

    Blugolds play last games of the regular season and prepare for an intense postseason.

    The UW-Eau Claire women’s basketball team went east this past Saturday to face off against UW-Stevens Point. The game resulted in UW-Stevens Point winning 69 to UW-Eau Claire’s 55. 

    The first quarter started off with a lead for UW-Stevens Point. Their 20 points to the Blugolds 13 set up the second quarter.

    As the second quarter was underway, both teams went back and forth. Each team would make a few baskets and the other would do the same. 

    That quarter led to each team scoring a total of 15 points. This raised the scores up to 35 for UW-Stevens Point and 28 for UW-Eau Claire.

    After a quick halftime show, both teams came back to the court for the second half. The third quarter ended up with a 16 point boost for UW-Eau Claire and an 11 point boost for Stevens Point.

    The teams entered the fourth and final quarter neck and neck, Stevens Point with 46 points to Eau Claires 44. This final quarter ended up with 11 points for Eau Claire and 23 for Stevens Point. 

    The game ended with Stevens Point winning on their home court 69-55. The stats for the game can be found online along with the live footage on Blugold athletics’ website.

    As this game ended, the Blugolds began the process of entering the postseason and the WIAC Quarterfinals. Tonja Englund, the women’s basketball head coach, said a few words on the team’s goals for these next games.

    “At this point in the year, it is very simple. It’s about winning. It’s about winning at home. It’s about having as many games here in Zorn Arena,” Englund said.

    However, this past game against Stevens Point added a loss to their record, bringing it up to 7, and made the Blugolds’ think about their goals for continuing into the postseason. 

    Englund spoke on their loss to Stevens Point and their future goals:

    “Our defense being a bit more aggressive and that maybe helps us score some points,” Englund said. “We’ve been inconsistent with how we’ve shot the ball lately and I’m hoping our defense can create some more layups and be a little bit more aggressive.” 

    The Blugolds had also lost facing off against UW-Stout this last Wednesday. That loss had halted the start of a winning streak the Blugolds had going for them this month. 

    Jessie Ruden, a third-year point guard, is optimistic for the future of the team. After looking at this past game she said that she still had hope for her team.

    “I think we just gotta keep showing up to play and it’s gonna be a fun fun time the next couple games,” she said.

    The Eau Claire women’s basketball team’s regular season is coming to a close. The WIAC Quarterfinals will start the postseason for the Blugolds. The amount of games left for the Blugolds is unknown, but Englund said she believed in the team.

    “I think this team has played good games, but I don’t know that we’ve played our best game yet,” she said. “And you want your team to start to peak in March and still be playing, so that’s my goal is that we continue to play.”

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