Taking a step on the negativity

    Kevin Durant, basketball player for the Warriors, released a new controversial shoe

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    Photo by SUBMITTED

    Kevin Durant’s new KD 10 shoe communicates a unique message.

    Kevin Durant, a name that rings familiar in most sport fans’ heads, is now making news regarding a new shoe he released through Nike.

    Durant switched from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Golden State Warriors in the 2016-2017 NBA season, stirring up conflict among fans and leading him to design his controversial shoe.

    And, these fresh blue kicks have a twist. They’re designed to “step on his haters,” literally.

    Listed on the bottom of the special edition PE release of his KD 10 shoes are words that have been said about him on social media. These words include: “Lame,” “Doesn’t Care,” “Quitter,” “Snake,” “Traitor,” “Undeserving” and several other negative connotations.

    The design doesn’t end there.

    These negative words are covered up by the 28-year-old athlete’s 2016 statistics, making the strong statement that Durant’s performance in the past year overwrites what others have to say about his career and decision to switch teams. The shoes read “16-1 2017 Champs” and “Finals” and “Most Valuable Player.”

    Reactions to his new product can be found all over the spectrum through tags on social media.

    Some basketball fans have said this new product release is petty. With a platform as large as Durant’s, some fans have taken to social media to call the shoe release low, unnecessary and all around silly.

    “Kevin Durant is the Taylor Swift of the NBA,” one Twitter user wrote, relating Swift’s vengeful new song to Durant’s shoe release.

    Another Twitter user responded to the thread, “Look What You Made Me Shoe,” altering the lyrics of Swift’s song to match Durant’s actions, showing the connection between the two.

    “Slapping around a team that was loyal to him, even in rejection, is a bad look,” Chris Mannix, a Yahoo Sports writer said. “The Thunder were doing their own thing. Durant should forget about them and do his.”

    Despite an abundance of hate on Durant’s social media accounts, some fans have stated they are proud of Durant for taking a stand and making it known that what others say about him does not define him.

    “Sometimes other people(‘s) criticism can be one of the biggest motivators … I’m a big fan of Mr. Durant,” one Twitter user tweeted.

    The way I see it, what Durant did with his new shoe line was an opportunity to revitalize his image. However, there may have been better and more receptive ways to communicate he was above the hate.

    An important part of sports, as well as life, is moving forward. The act of writing out his winning statistics on the bottom of his brand of shoes for profit makes it seem as though Durant is not moving forward, but rather stuck in the past.

    Taking a step toward success could be as easy as being the bigger person. In the future I would like to see Durant take the high road and ignore the negativity flooding his path, leaving behind the words of others and focusing on what he does best — putting on his own shoes and playing basketball.