Hockey brothers find home in Eau Claire

    UW-Eau Claire men’s hockey twins from Alaska look to finish their final season on the rink


    Photo by SUBMITTED

    Colton Wolter(pictured) and Jacob Wolter, both senior forwards for Blugold hockey, are twin brothers hailing from Alaska.

    It all started at a frigid outdoor ice rink in the backyard of their Alaska home.

    UW-Eau Claire men’s hockey twins and teammates, Colton Wolter and Jacob Wolter, both senior forwards, said they had an attraction to the game since a young age.

    Growing up with a college hockey coach for the University of Alaska-Fairbanks as their father, the duo said going to their father’s games encouraged their early interest in the game.

    “Interacting with his players after games made us love the game even more,” Jacob said. “He would always bring us to the games and in the locker room.”

    Playing together on the same team is something the brothers have always wanted to do, Jacob said.

    “My brother and I always imagined playing college hockey together and to be able to live out that dream is something very special,” Jacob said.

    Now wearing the numbers 8 (Colton) and 26 (Jacob) on the back of their jerseys, the brothers hailing from Fairbanks, Alaska are contributors to the Blugold men’s hockey team. The twins have devoted their time in Eau Claire over the past four years to the ice on top of being students.

    Looking at the statistics, both have had successful careers while representing the Blugolds.

    Jacob has played a total of five games this season, and within those games he has scored one goal and contributed one assist.

    Throughout his career, Jacob has played 34 games, scored eight goals and made three assists for an overall total of eleven points.

    Out of the 13 games this season, Colton has scored two goals and made five assists, one of which was a power-play goal. He has accumulated 30 shots on goal thus far.

    Colton has played 90 games in his career at Eau Claire, achieving 15 goals and 26 assists for an overall total of 41 points.

    Making the journey from Alaska to Eau Claire for college was an adjustment for the brothers, especially being so far away from home for the first time, Colton said. The brothers chose to continue their studies and athletic career at Eau Claire after learning the men’s hockey program was ranked at the top of the NCAA Division II realm, Colton said, producing strong players each season.

    Both criminal justice majors, the duo also took note of Eau Claire’s strong academic program, Colton said, hopeful the University would prepare them well for their educational endeavors.

    “Having my brother with me made the adjustment much easier,” Colton said. “It is pretty amazing to think that this has happened for us, we are very fortunate to be where we are right now.”

    Now seniors, the twins have a couple goals for the remainder of their final season as Blugolds. They said they want to play each game for their teammates, whom they give credit for their smooth transition to a whole new ice rink across the country.

    “The guys made it a lot easier,” Jacob said. “Guys like TJ Stuntz, Jake Hopfner, Jesse Tredinnick, Brian Anderson, Mac Jansen, Tate Sykes, Todd Koritzinsky, and Kyle Lee really made the transition to life here very easy.”

    Blugold head coach Matt Loen said he notes the brothers as exemplary teammates.

    “The hardest working guys (Jacob and Colton) on the team and have been for four years,” Loen said. “On and off the ice. They’ve been great academically and athletically.”

    Overall, Colton and Jacob said they are happy to be playing together at Eau Claire and couldn’t see their college experiences going any other way.

    “Playing college hockey with my brother is something that I will always cherish for the rest of my life,” Colton said.