What could have been: UWEC athletics

Alternative options for sports

Sam Johnson

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The Tator
December 13, 2022


As UW-Eau Claire campus remains shut down for the unforeseeable future, diehard Blugolds may feel lost and empty without Blugold athletics. Here are some suggestions for alternative activities students can spectate or get involved with during this time of quarantine:


Video games — casual and competitive alike — have been known to get people through lengthened periods of minimal social interaction for decades. As the current pandemic continues, it has become the perfect time for UW-Eau Claire’s eSports club to emerge.

Many games are confusing, frustrating and require a high level of knowledge and skill to become competent. This makes them the perfect activity to pick up while being stuck in the house for months with nothing to do.

If you are already going crazy being stuck at home, video games can distract you, or even give you an outlet on which to blame any outbursts. Instead of yelling at your family, take it out on anonymous strangers on the internet.

If one prefers, eSports have also evolved into a spectator sport. It is easy to kill an incredible amount of time by watching streams, online tournaments or Youtube montages.

Online poker

If video games are too childish or low stakes for you, online poker is a great alternative.

Compete for real, valuable money instead of fake, worthless virtual prizes. Do your Parents tell you to get off the computer and start earning money? With online gambling, you can simultaneously listen to and ignore them.

Yeah, maybe you gambled away next month’s rent, but it is theoretically possible for you to earn it right back. Practice social distancing and put that Christmas money from grandma to work.

A gambling addiction is better than the coronavirus, right?


If you lived on campus, you are likely back home with your families. Many of us were unprepared for such a prolonged period of adult supervision, so as a way to cope I say we form the National Collegiate Chore Association — or the NCCA.

Make your parents happy by doing chores immediately when asked to do so. Or even before they do. Make dinner, do the dishes, make your bed, vacuum and take out the trash.

All those tasks you may have been neglecting while at school may become a fun, competitive, time-consuming form of entertainment.

College can be a real eye-opener for how dependent we all are. Perfect basic life skills while trying to beat the competition in the NCCA.

Competitive academics

What is UW-Eau Claire without sports?

I, like many others, sorely miss football games, our successful hockey teams and our new baseball and women’s lacrosse teams. 

Good news, UW-Eau Claire is still a coveted academic institution. UW-Eau Claire students can use this for patching the hole left by a lack of Blugolds events while continuing our academic excellence.

Competitive learning could fulfill our competitive drives, expand our minds and make days less dull.

You could challenge your friends to one-on-one sociology exams. Compete in note-taking, online discussion participation and so much more.

Learn to defeat the competition through learning. 

Although having no sports at any level may be detrimental to many, there are other options. These options could be fun, productive and possibly begin filling the void that is the lack of Blugold sporting events.

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