Student Senate

Farmer and Consiglio sworn into office


The Student Senate meeting began at 6 p.m. on Monday.

The final reports of the 66th session’s executive board were filled with reflections on the session and aspirations for the 67th session.

On Sunday, April 30, the Parlies were held to celebrate the end of the 66th session and recognize members of the senate. 

Academic Affairs Commission Director Sahana Suresh was named director of the session.

“The amount that (Suresh) has grown this year is insane and it wasn’t a most improved award, the work that she did was above and beyond and she excelled our expectations and her job description and she just worked so effortlessly, but passionately across campus,” Vice President Brett Farmer said.

Senator Matthew Lehner was named senator of the session.

“Matthew has done the most work out of all of the senators this year. He was quite shocked when he received it and I almost wanted to laugh because I don’t know how he didn’t see it coming. We both said we would be embarrassed to give it to anyone else because he’s just committed so much to this organization and he’s so passionate about the work that he does,” Farmer said.

Farmer resigned and Sam Consiglio was sworn in as the vice president for the 67th session.

“Everyone is so optimistic and excited and passionate about everything that’s going to happen in the next year and I can’t wait to see the actual work that we do and the change that we make,” Consiglio said.

President Rossellin Gaitán resigned and Farmer was sworn in as the president for the 67th session.

Farmer said he is excited the campaign is over and is ready to settle into his new role.

“I’m just really excited and optimistic because campaign season is always such a marathon and feel like we’ve been running now for months. It just felt like this is what the job would be, running this marathon of a campaign and it’s finally over now and the real work is beginning,” Farmer said. “I’m excited to work with Sam to lead senate to bigger and brighter things in the 67th (session).”

Gaitán said she could not imagine anyone but Farmer and Consiglio taking over these positions, and she will be watching the session from afar while she studies abroad.

“They’re going to do fantastic and I think people that voted and maybe haven’t been so engaged on campus need to take note of the upcoming session because they’re going to do amazing things,” Gaitán said. “That’s what they do best — connecting and engaging with people. I’m very excited, I wish I could be in this session.”

The 66th session’s executive board resigned and their positions will be filled at the next meeting. Farmer said they are holding interviews for vacant senate seats and executive board positions this week.

“We have a good number of applicants already, it feels like we have a really good pool,” Farmer said. “We have a really good mix of former and new, just like we do in the senators that were appointed.”

Applications for senator vacancies and executive board positions are available on the senate’s Blugold Connect+ page and will remain open through Friday.

Hannah Kelly was appointed as an on-campus senator, Ben Calcutt and Luke Mandli were appointed as off-campus senators and Kaitlyn Hevrin, Peter Mayer and Kyler Simonet were appointed as at-large senators.

Senator Emma Velazquez was appointed to the Randall Park Neighborhood Association Committee and Senator Matthew Lehner was appointed to the City of Eau Claire Transportation Committee.

The senate adjourned at 7:10 p.m. and will reconvene for the final meeting of the semester at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 8 in the Dakota Ballroom.

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