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Rollerblading, marijuana and erratic driving

Kyra Price

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Across the Pond
May 9, 2024

Rollerbladers gone rogue

At approximately 7:03 p.m. on March 27, an officer was driving along Roosevelt Avenue, behind Phillips Science Hall.

Two males were performing various rollerblading tricks on the two statues near the southeast corner of Phillips, using concrete bases to jump onto and through the statues.

The officer made contact with the two males and educated them on the UWS 18.10 on campus. The officer indicated it was alright for them to use their rollerblades for transport reasons.

When the officer contacted the two males, they were cooperative, and the officer did not see any reason to identify them. The two went on their way after the officer requested they stop performing tricks.

The officer advised the males that if they were later observed engaging in similar behavior on campus, they may receive citations. They said they understood and left the area without issue.

No drugs on campus

At approximately 9:39 p.m. on March 20, an officer responded to the area between Sutherland Hall and Bridgman Hall for a drug incident.

The Communications Center said someone was observed smoking marijuana outside on the south side of Sutherland Hall. The officer walked to the area of Sutherland Hall, directly across from the entrance of Bridgman Hall.

Through the darkness, the officer observed an individual sitting on the concrete lighting what appeared to be a glass pipe. The officer smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana as they approached the individual.

When the officer advised the individual to stop what they were doing, the individual quickly hid the pipe in their right hand.

The individual handed the officer a multi-colored glass pipe with burnt marijuana residue inside, as well as two lighters, which were given back when released on scene.

The individual explained that she had no other marijuana on her and that she had not been involved in other drug cases in the past. The Communications Center confirmed this after running the driver’s license.

The officer explained the Eau Claire County Diversion program to the individual, and they agreed to participate in the program. 

The individual was released on scene, and the officer transported the glass pipe with marijuana residue inside to the police department for further processing.

Erratic driving

At approximately 11:06 a.m. on March 23, an officer was performing active patrol along Water Street traveling eastbound. She observed a green sedan traveling directly in front of her car.

The officer viewed the vehicle’s registration stickers which indicated a registration of May 2022 and were yellow in color. The expiration was confirmed by the officer’s mobile database.

As the vehicle slowed at the intersection of 6th Avenue and Water Street, the officer observed the vehicle perform a quick left-hand turn onto 6th Avenue, failing to yield to a truck traveling westbound.

The officer observed the truck brake quickly in order to avoid colliding with the sedan.

Due to this safety violation and erratic driving behavior, the officer initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. She made contact with the female, who stated she was in a hurry to get home for lunch and was unaware the registration had expired.

The individual provided the officer with current proof of insurance, and she was valid to drive with no warrants.

The officer warned the woman about her driving behavior, explained the citation and provided her with a copy.

The officer answered all her questions, then cleared the scene.

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