67th Student Senate session election results

Highest voter turnout in three years


Photo by Zach Jacobson

Student Body President-elect Brett Farmer and Vice President-elect Sam Consiglio.

Brett Farmer, a third-year public relations student, and Sam Consiglio, a second-year geospatial analysis student, were elected student body president and vice president.

The Student Senate election results for the 67th session were posted at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 19, after three days of voting via email.

Farmer and Consiglio ran unopposed and won 95.12% of the vote with 1208 votes. All 19 on-campus and 12 off-campus senate candidates ran on the Farmer-Consiglio ticket.

Elected on-campus senators and vote count:

Lauren Garbisch (497)

Hannah Kelly (459)

Solvieg Dei (445)

Allie Russell (429)

RJ Murray (429)

Diana Abarca Palma (426)

Matthew Lehner (425)

Brenna Strojinc (378)

Logan Ackerman (374)

Lily Eisele (369)

Avery De Reuyter (353)

Abby Wennersten (338)

Elected off-campus senators and vote count:

Emma Velazquez (620)

Rachel Stein (561)

Mei Bean (525)

Cora Martin (508)

Luke Mandli (497)

Sara Multhauf (489)

Mary Bolog (488)

Jake Hicks (460)

Ben Calcutt (459)

Sierra Szydel (497)

Danny Karofsky (454)

Benjamin Myszka (452)

At the senate meeting on Monday, April 24, senators from the 66th session will resign and the elected senators will be appointed to the 67th session.

Farmer said many of the elected senators were appointed to vacant seats during the 66th session or are new to the senate.

“Bringing in that many new people will be exciting and just having so many people on our ticket who were only appointed a month or two ago is really cool just to be able to shape them all and see what kind of direction we can go as a group,” Farmer said. 

Consiglio said she is looking forward to what the 67th session is able to achieve on campus.

“I think there’s a lot of passion in the people on our ticket and in who have been elected,” Consiglio said. “I think they all have so much potential to make this campus a better place and to help it grow and prosper.”

Parliamentarian Thomas Miller, a second-year political science student, said this was the highest election turnout for the senate in the past three years.

“We had the highest voter turnout for the past three years this year with around 1,260 votes, which is exciting,” Miller said. 

Farmer said he didn’t expect the turnout to be higher than the past three years because those races have all been single-ticket races.

Angela Elizalde (324), Kaitlyn Hevrin (303), Patrick Hill (294), Drew Carruth (290), Peter Mayer (266), Ray Nelson (260) and Kyler Simonet (252) ran for on-campus seats on the Farmer-Consiglio ticket but were not elected.

Farmer and Consiglio will be appointed at the senate meeting on Monday, May 1.

Farmer said there will be vacancy appointments to fill the six open off-campus seats and resigned seats after executive board members are appointed.

Applications for executive board positions will remain open on Blugold Connect+ through Friday, May 4.

“I think we have a really promising group, I’m also very excited we have a lot of ambition within everyone that got voted in,” Farmer said. “I’m really excited to just get to work.”

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