Fireworks, drugs and a parking violation

Kyra Price

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Across the Pond
May 9, 2024

Fireworks at Bollinger

On Oct. 27 at approximately 10:14 p.m., an officer was performing car and foot patrol in Bollinger Fields when she heard a noise coming from the Bollinger parking lot that sounded like fireworks.

She left her squad car parked near the north bathroom and approached the parking lot on foot. As the officer walked toward the parking lot, she observed fireworks exploding.

She thought the fireworks were exploding on the pavement in the parking lot, but it was hard for her to see exactly where they were located because it was dark.

The officer saw what looked like several people, but she could not see them clearly because of the darkness.

She arrived at the parking lot and walked around and did not see anyone on foot, but saw someone in a parked car with an open window.

The officer approached the man in the car and explained that she had heard fireworks. She asked if he knew anything about them, and he said he heard the fireworks but did not see the people who lit them or where they were lit.

The man said he had not seen any vehicles exit the parking lot after the fireworks exploded.

The officer thanked him for the information and asked him to identify himself to her.

The man gave his name and stated that he was sitting in the car talking on the phone with his ex-wife about a family matter.

The officer requested the Communications Center run a records check on the man, and his vehicle record returned without warrants and valid to drive, and the vehicle was not returned as stolen.

The officer continued to check the area and did not find any people or fireworks, so she left the area.

Drug Pipe in Putnam Park

On Oct. 29 at approximately 1:23 a.m., an officer received a call on the duty squad phone from a Campus Safety officer stating he found a pipe containing marijuana while he conducted a foot patrol through Putnam Park.

The officer made contact with the Campus Safety officer along the 100 block of Garfield Avenue. and took custody of the pipe.

The Campus Safety officer informed him that he found the pipe on Putnam Rock. It was located in a black glasses case, packed with a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana.

The Campus Safety officer informed the officer that he found the pipe underneath a rock, as if someone hid and stashed it there.

The Campus Safety officer said that no one was in the area and he did not know who the pipe belonged to.

The officer took the items back to the police department and photographed the case and pipe.

He entered the pipe into Spillman as evidence, processed the pipe into evidence and secured it in an evidence locker.

Parking Complaint

On Oct. 29 at approximately 9:36 a.m., an officer was dispatched to the McPhee Physical Education Center Lot in regard to a parking complaint.

The Communication Center notified him that it received a call stating that a vehicle was parked in the handicap stall without a proper permit.

The officer arrived on the scene and observed the reported vehicle parked facing eastbound in one of the McPhee Lot’s posted handicap-only parking stalls.

The officer did not see any handicap placard in the vehicle or on the vehicle’s license plate.

He conducted a records check on the vehicle’s registered owner using CampS and Spillman in an attempt to locate a phone number, but was unable to find anyone with matching information.

The Communication Center suggested that it had a possible phone number for the owner of the vehicle, but when the officer called using the primary squad cell phone, he was directed to voicemail.

The officer issued a $150 parking citation for the handicap parking violation and placed it under the driver’s side windshield wiper blade.

The officer cleared the scene.

The officer attempted to call the vehicle owner again using the primary squad cell phone to obtain additional information but was immediately directed to voicemail.

He left a message for the owner stating that a parking citation had been issued to the violating vehicle.

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