Camping on school property, no emergency located, and a not missing purse

Kyra Price

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Across the Pond
May 9, 2024

No Camping on UW-Eau Claire Property

On Oct. 6 at about 8:48 a.m., an officer conducted a random vehicle patrol at the Bollinger Field Lot while fully marked with UW-Eau Claire Police Department’s squad 147.

The officer traveled southbound within the lot and observed a subject laying on a bench inside the covered Eau Claire City Transit Bus Station location, covered with a black blanket.

The officer parked his squad car and approached the subject on foot to verify that they were alright.

The officer approached the subject’s location and observed a backpack and shoes on the ground within the covered area. The officer announced his presence to the subject.

The subject quickly uncovered themself, and the officer introduced himself again and explained the reason for contact. The subject introduced himself by an alias, then revealed his real name.

The officer asked the subject how long he had been sleeping in the covered bus shelter, and the subject stated that he had been sleeping there since approximately 7-7:30 a.m. on Oct. 6, and that he had been in Eau Claire for approximately a week.

The subject stated that he had come from Bloomington, Minnesota and Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Eau Claire. The subject stated that he was currently unhoused and had been staying at the Eau Claire Sojourner House.

The officer advised the subject that he could not camp or sleep on any UW-Eau Claire property because there was an ordinance prohibiting it.

The subject stated that he had not been sleeping, he had just covered himself with the blanket, and the officer explained the ordinance in regard to camping.

The officer told the subject that he would give him a verbal warning regarding the ordinance violation and that any additional violations would result in the subject being issued a citation.

The subject stated that he understood, and the officer answered his questions and cleared the scene.

No Emergency Located

On Oct. 6 at approximately 2:14 a.m., an officer was dispatched by the communications center to Bollinger Fields Activity Parking Lot for an emergency phone activation.

The communications center advised that nothing was heard over the open line, and the officer responded to the area.

While the officer was on his way, an officer with the Eau Claire Police Department stated they were nearby and began checking the area.

The officer arrived on scene and checked the Bollinger Fields Parking Lot, Bollinger Fields Activity Lot, north bathroom area, main softball field and stands and the path that travels through that area.

The officer did not observe anyone in need of police or emergency medical assistance. He also spoke with the Eau Claire Police Department officer and was told they had not located anything either.

The officers cleared the area.

Not-So-Missing Purse

On Oct. 5 at approximately 5:50 p.m., an officer was contacted by telephone by a custodian in Hibbard Hall. He was informed that the custodian had located an unattended purse while cleaning room 204.

As the officer arrived at Hibbard Hall room 204, the purse’s owner was exiting. The officer spoke briefly with the owner and the custodian, and neither needed any assistance.

The officer cleared the building.

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