Kiwi Bots: How to use them and why they are here

A new delivery and pick up service comes to campus

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April 3, 2023
Liz Curtin

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Photo by Winter Heffernan

The new employee on campus.

Using a new app, campus-goers can utilize delivery robots to deliver food from campus’ dining options and exclusive offers.

If you have been walking around the campus mall, then it is possible that you have noticed the new KiwiBots passing through. The black and blue robots have started to deliver food to pick up locations around campus this semester. 

“We really don’t have the human force to hire somebody and go deliver to a specific area,” said Armando Chacon, general manager of Dining on campus. He explained that the KiwiBots are here to help with that challenge.

To use the KiwiBots, according to Kristin Schumacher, the director of university centers, you need to download the Everyday app. 

Molly Garder, the dining team’s marketing manager, clarified that campus staff can also use the KiwiBots; the service is not limited just to students.

When using the app, you can order food from locations on campus without having to leave your dorm or wait in any lines. 

“While it is delivery, it is also pick up,” Gardner said. “You can easily skip the line.”

Gardner also mentioned that this is helpful if you have a class in ten minutes and you don’t have time to get food.

“Not a lot of people realize that you can also use the student dollars that you put into your account to order,” Gardner said. “We also offer a subscription service and that takes away the delivery fee.”

Another benefit of using the KiwiBots is being able to order food that cannot be ordered on campus and can only be ordered through the app. For example, you can order from companies such as Pardon My Cheesesteak and MrBeast Burger

To avoid food being stolen or being tampered with by strangers who did not order it, there are security features set in place to prevent someone other than the customer from taking the food. Schumacher explained these security features.

“You type in a code and it reads that your phone is there because you have the app and then the lid will open up,” Schumacher said.

Schumacher also explained that UW-Eau Claire is one of the few campuses in Wisconsin that is using KiwiBots, or food delivering robots in general. 

She explained how students at UW-Madison have reacted to food delivering robots. “Badger students will even, actually, just stop traffic to make sure that the robots can cross the street,” Schumacher said.

Ordering from the KiwiBots is gaining popularity. According to Molly Gardner, around 15 orders were made last week and 11 orders were made the week previous.

“It’s exciting for us,” Chacon said. “But to get the full participation of the campus and student traffic, it will take another semester.”

To learn more about the KiwiBots and the Columbian start-up behind them, check out

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