Lots of car issues and faulty pipes

Elliot Adams

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The Tator
May 9, 2023

Vehicle Crash Assist

On May 3, an officer overheard on the radio that the Eau Claire Police Department was responding to a vehicle crash at the intersection of Clairemont Avenue and University Drive and decided to assist. 

Upon arriving at the scene, the officer observed a utility van and a yellow school bus blocking traffic.

The officer first checked the utility van which had significant damage to the front. The driver of the utility van said that they were not injured so the officer went to check on the school bus. 

In the school bus, the officer observed two adults and several children. The two adults complained of head and neck injuries and indicated that they’d like to receive medical attention. However, none of the children on the bus had any injuries. 

The officer then dispatched an ambulance for the two injured adults. 

Once ECPD was able to clear the two vehicles from the street, the campus officer was able to clear the scene. 

Who forgot the spare tire?

At approximately 9:19 p.m. on May 3, an officer was conducting a routine patrol when they noticed a vehicle on University Drive that was parked and had its emergency flashers on. 

The officer made contact with the driver and noticed that one of the tires appeared to be flat. The driver said they were having issues with their brakes and tires but that they weren’t involved in a crash. 

The driver then asked if the officer could dispatch a tow truck to the scene as they were struggling to find one themselves. 

The officer dispatched a tow truck and then after informing the driver, cleared the scene. 

Stop banging the pipes

At approximately 7:30 p.m. on May 7, an officer was dispatched to Bridgeman Hall in response to a service call. 

Upon arrival, the officer was greeted by a Resident Assistant who complained of loud pipe banging noises from the utility room. 

The Resident Assistant then led the officer to the basement where the utility room is located. The officer then entered the room and didn’t observe any pipes or mechanical equipment that appeared to be broken. 

The officer then left the room and advised the Resident Assistant that they would be entering a service request to UW-Eau Claire Facilities about the loud pipes. 

The officer then cleared the scene. 

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