Police Blotter

Empty tanks, dumpster TV’s, and friendly old dogs in this week’s installment

Elliot Adams

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May 9, 2023

All Brakes No Gas

On the morning of Feb. 28, campus police were conducting a routine vehicle patrol when an officer noticed a stalled vehicle in traffic on University Drive. 

The officer made a U-turn when it was safe to do so and pulled up behind the stalled vehicle, and after turning on emergency lights, approached the vehicle on foot. 

When approached, the driver said that he had been traveling on Clairemont Avenue when his car shut off. According to the driver, he was able to make it onto University Drive and that his car needed gas. 

The driver said he was waiting for a friend to bring gas. The officer made their way back to their patrol car and initiated a records search while waiting for the driver’s friend.

Both the driver and the vehicle came up clear with no warrants. The driver’s friend appeared a short time later with gas and the driver and friend cleared the scene.

Television is Trash

At approximately 8:45 p.m. on March 3, campus police were notified by custodial services of a Toshiba all-in-one television/CD/VHS player that was found dumped in the Hibbard lot dumpsters. 

The officer was interrupted by a check person case in Crest Wellness Center and notified the custodian that they would call back at a later time. 

The officer reconnected with the custodian at approximately 9:35 p.m. and the custodian said that he believed the item was dumped between 7:15 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. 

According to the custodian, nobody was seen dumping the television and after agreeing to dump the television in the correct bin, no further action was taken. 

Friendly Stranger

At approximately 5:01 p.m. on March 5, an officer was dispatched to the McPhee Center in regards to a lost dog. 

When the officer entered the building, they observed a male student and female McPhee employee holding onto an older golden retriever. 

The student was the first to see the dog and said he didn’t observe anyone nearby who could be the owner. He then took the dog inside of McPhee due to the cold and rainy weather. 

According to the officer, the dog appeared to be cold and hungry yet very friendly. The officer located a blue collar with no identifying information except for a rabies shot tag from Ark Animal Hospital. 

The officer attempted to make contact with Ark Animal Hospital, but the office was closed and the voicemail message advised to contact Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital in case of emergency. 

The officer made contact with Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital and provided the rabies tag number to a staff member who answered the phone. 

The staff member checked the number and  the only animal associated with the tag number was a cat. The officer then made contact with Eau Claire Police Department’s Animal Control. 

The ECPD Animal Control officer arrived on the scene at approximately 5:30 p.m., and stated they would transport the golden retriever to the Eau Claire County Humane Society Shelter. 

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