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Campus police untangle cat and find smoking heating pad

Lisa Snyder

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Bark Break 2022
May 10, 2022


Over the past week, UW-Eau Claire police responded to multiple incidents including a frightened cat in a dorm room, a smoldering heating pad in the stairwell and a campfire taking place on university property. 

A cat-astrophic event 

At 1 a.m. on Jan. 31, two UW-Eau Claire police officers were dispatched to Marilyn Karlgaard Tower in response to a resident needing assistance with freeing their cat. The resident explained that the cat was stuck in a cat tent.  

Upon arrival the officers were informed that the cat was the resident’s emotional support animal and it had it’s right rear leg entangled in a cat tent, unable to get out. According to the officers, the cat appeared to be in extreme distress.

The officers were able to successfully untangle the cat from the cat tent with no injuries. 

Campfire on University property

Two officers on patrol Jan. 17 noticed a possible campfire on University property in Putnam Park. The fire was on the southside of the Chippewa River about 150 yards from the last overlook in the park. 

Officers approached the fire and observed three individuals standing around it. The individuals explained they were cooking chicken over the fire. 

The individuals were advised on three ordinances relating to campfires on University property. Officers then assisted the complying individuals with putting out the fire. 

Three-vehicle crash near University Drive

A UW-Eau Claire police officer traveling on Clairemont Ave. on Jan.17, stumbled upon a traffic crash just east of University Drive. In the westbound lanes, a rear end collision had occurred and a tow truck was at the scene. 

The crash involved three vehicles, all of which did not request an ambulance. The University officer provided traffic control until city officers arrived on scene. 

Burnt heating pad: 

Police were dispatched to David Karlgaard Tower at 4:10 p.m. on Feb. 6th after receiving a call regarding what appeared to be a burnt bean bag in the stairwell. 

When officers arrived at the scene, they found a heating pad on the eighth floor stairwell that appeared to be intended to be heated in the microwave. The heating pad had a small amount of smoke coming from it and was burnt. 

The officers placed the heating pad in an empty garbage can and rinsed it with cold water to stop the smoke. Police then placed the heating pad in the snow for several minutes before they disposed of it in an outdoor dumpster. The officers then cleared the scene. 

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