Police Blotter


Catalytic converter stolen from student vehicle

An officer was contacted and told to report to Sutherland Hall to meet a victim in regards to a theft case involving a student vehicle.

At around 5 p.m. on March 2,  the officer arrived and made contact with the victim in the Hall Director’s office, where they said the car was parked within a center row of the Bridgman Lot since approximately 4 p.m. on Feb. 28.

Nothing at that time was missing or damaged while the car was parked in the lot, but when going back to the car at sometime around 2 p.m. on March 1, the student said their vehicle made loud noises and would not start. 

What was thought to be a missing muffler turned out to be a missing catalytic converter that was cut off from the vehicle. 

After getting the vehicle looked at by an automotive technician, the estimated total for the missing part was approximately $2,526.41. The victim said there was insurance on the vehicle under their father’s name. 

No one was given consent to remove anything from the vehicle at that time and there were no possible subjects regarding the theft. The officer made a report of the stolen part.

The officer also gave the victim a UW-Eau Claire Victim Information form to fill out and also asked that they would send an email with a copy of the estimates for the part replacement. 

All questions the victim had were answered, then the officer left the scene. 

Intoxicated male in Haas

Haas Fine Arts Center had an unexpected guest arrive at the building at around 12:13 p.m. on March 3. Officers were sent to the scene. 

On the second floor in the music wing, an intoxicated man was found within the building. 

When the officers arrived, they began to check the building and spoke with the complainant who was studying on the second floor near the elevator. The student told the officer that an intoxicated male approached her and asked for a ride to Menomonie, Wis. and asked for food. 

The student told the man they would not be able to help him with his request and directed him toward the main office of the music department on the first floor. From there, the intoxicated man left the student alone. 

The man was described as wearing a beanie style winter hat, no protective mask and was missing teeth that were in poor condition. 

The officers asked the student to contact the Communication Center if they saw the subject again. 

The officers then continued to patrol the building and could not find anyone who fit the description. They then cleared the building to continue searching the local area. 

Two individuals found fishing on the ice

An officer was conducting a foot patrol when they observed two subjects fishing from the ice along the shore of the Chippewa River within Putnam Park around 11:23 a.m. on March 5. 

The officer went to investigate the situation to check on their safety. 

Upon approaching, the two identified themselves as they stood 100 feet away from each other, but began walking closer to the officer as the conversation continued.

Both of the individuals said they were fishing and that the depth of the ice was about one foot deep at their location. Agreeing that it was not the safest location, they exited the ice. 

Both were students from the Chippewa Valley Technical College and did not live in the UW-Eau Claire residence halls. After conversation with the officer, the two left the area on foot and the officer cleared the scene. 

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