Police Blotter

Thanksgiving break sent students out to the bars, leaving officers busy


Officer performs wellness check on male subject

At 5:21 a.m. on Nov. 27, an officer observed a male subject walking westbound on Water St. This male subject appeared to be stumbling from one side of the sidewalk to the other and moving his arms around erratically.

The officer approached and introduced themselves to the male subject. In response, the male identified himself and informed the officer he had prior battery and threats to law enforcement. However, the male subject said he would speak with the officer because they were “female and pretty.”

The officer was informed by the male subject that he was just going for a walk. During this conversation, the officer noticed he was slurring his words and had glossy eyes. He also informed the officer that he was okay, but appreciated that they were willing to check in.   

Observation of intoxicated female leads to wellness check

At 9:39 p.m. on Nov. 28, an officer observed a female subject fall to the ground several times as a male subject continued assisting her from the ground. The officer then observed the female continue to stumble while the male subject attempted to hold her up.

After a brief moment, the officer approached both subjects, introduced themselves, and explained the reason for contact. Immediately the officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the female. 

The male subject identified himself by his Arizona issued driver’s license, and the female subject identified herself by her Wisconsin issued driver’s license. The male subject told the officer that he had been visiting Eau Claire from out of town, and that they have been to a few bars in the past couple of hours.

The officer, and two more that approached the scene to assist, asked where the two subjects were attempting to go. The male subject then informed officers they were heading to Altoona, but because of distance, the officers suggested they call a taxi or Uber to give them a ride there. 

During the interaction, the officer conducted a records check on both subjects through the Communication Center. The Communication Center advised that both were valid to drive with no wants and were not on probation.

The officer then waited for the Uber to pick the subject up before leaving the scene.

 Person check for two homeless subjects 

At 12:03 a.m. on Nov. 29, an officer was notified on the primary squad cell phone from the Blink Application (Security Camera System) regarding movement near the Bollinger Field Softball Field. 

In reviewing the recorded video segment, the officer observed two subjects walking

near the bleachers and press box located near the UW-Eau Claire Softball Field.

The officer viewing the film contacted two additional officers regarding both subjects and requested backup to assist with the two subjects. Upon the backup arriving at the scene, the three checked the live feed for the Blink security cameras positioned within both dugouts and saw both subjects sitting on the bench.

From there the original officer approached the north, and the other two officers approached the south dugouts with a flashlight. Officers then gained visual on two subjects within the north dugout where they observed a male and female subject seated on the dugout bench. 

The officer observed an open can of Natural Ice beer located on the bench next to the female subject. 

Following that, the officer introduced themself and explained the reason for contact. Officers then asked both the female and male subject how they had entered the secured softball field where the male subject informed officers that they had both jumped the fence in order to enter the secured softball field.

After gathering information, the officers requested both subjects to exit the dugout and softball field to continue the conversation.

The subjects were asked if they had any form of identification, but were unable to provide any. Both informed the officers that they were currently homeless and were staying at the Sojourner South location. 

Officers noticed the strong odor of intoxicants coming from both subjects and asked the two if they have been consuming any intoxicating beverages, as they were previously observed with an open can of beer within the dugout. 

The male subject said he had not consumed any intoxicating beverages, however, later admitted he had been drinking prior to arriving at the Bollinger Fields. 

Officers then asked the female subject if she had consumed any intoxicating beverages and advised that she had consumed approximately three cans of Natural Ice beer. 

An officer performed record checks on both subjects through the Communication Center. The Communication Center advised that the female currently held a revoked Wisconsin driver’s license, did not have any warrants, but was on probation and had one open misdemeanor case. 

The Communication Center advised that the female is to maintain absolute sobriety and was currently banned from Kwik Trip regarding her probation. She was also banned from Mayo Hospital regarding her open misdemeanor case. 

The male did not have any wants or probations against him.

Officers then contacted the after-hours phone number for Probation and Parole, provided the agent with the female’s identifying information, followed by the details regarding this case. 

The agent informed officers there would not be any holds against the female subject and provided local probation officer information for them to contact about the case.

The officer then gave the female an alcohol-prohibited use or possession citation

that has a fine of $200.50, zero points assessed and a non-mandatory court date of Jan. 6 at 2:00 p.m.

Both subjects were given contact information of Probation and Parole local agents and told to contact them. The subjects then cleared the area.

After clearing, officers advised that the area was checked and they were unable to locate any criminal damage or vandalism. Soon after, all officers cleared the scene.

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