Student Senate introduces bill to create a housing representative

Student Senate held their third meeting of the year, covering the introduction of a student housing representative bill and the push for action against the administration’s choice to reinstate football players involved in the racist snapchat incident


The third meeting of the Student Senate began at 6:03 p.m. on Monday October, 12 with the co-presidents of the campus American Civil Liberties Union, Rachel Hamele, a second-year social studies education student and Luke Seidel, a third-year Political Science student. 

Hamele and Seidel spoke on the school administration’s decision to reinstate the football players who were a part of the alleged racist snapchat incident, among other incidents that took place last year. 

Hamele said she wanted to reach out to the administration after their response to the racist Snapchat incident. She also said the administration did not take reasonable measures to prevent Albert Colom, and others similar to him, from working. 

The Senate also discussed the issue of the administration’s refusal to involve students in reopening the University in regards to COVID-19.

“As students, we deserve a community where we feel safe and where instances of white supremacy and sexual harassment are condemned,” Hamele said. “And measures take place to prevent further instances that harm our community.”

Hamele said the resolution passed by the Senate last week condemning the administration’s decision to reinstate the football players was a step in the right direction. 

However, Hamele said the UW-Eau Claire ACLU Student Alliance feels it is necessary to have a public forum with Chancellor James C. Schmidt to discuss how the university will put measures in place to make sure these kinds of incidents never happen again.

Seidel and Hamele asked the senators to join them in uniting their cause and putting their signatures on an email being sent to the administration calling for action. 

President Anna Ziebell then noted the Senate’s establishment of all commission directors and getting them organized. 

Lauren Becker, a fourth-year environmental geography student and director of the Commission of Environmental Sustainability, said she is beginning the process of hiring four interns for the Commission. 

More information can be found on the commission’s website.

Brett Swanson, a third-year information systems student and director of the Information Technology Commission, is holding a meeting at 3 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 16 to discuss the commission. He can be reached at [email protected] for more details.

Finally, the Senate introduced a bill to create a housing representative in order to make sure students have their needs met regarding housing. Senator Lucy Chapman, chief of staff, said there are many issues both on and off campus that should be addressed by the Senate. 

Chapman said many students sign leases without knowing what a fair amount of rent should be, and that many find mold, rats and other issues in their homes and are left without representation. 

The bill will be reintroduced and voted on at next week’s meeting.

Kristof can be reached at [email protected]