Ziebell and Murphy win bid for 2020 student body presidential election

Almost 55 percent of voters favored the Ziebell-Murphy ticket

Madeline Fuerstenberg

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November 2, 2020


Anna Ziebell (left) has been elected UW-Eau Claire’s 2020-2021 student body president and Joe Murphy (right) has been elected vice president.

Note: Joel Meier is an active staff member of The Spectator. The Spectator is a bipartisan publication.

Anna Ziebell, a fourth-year political science student, and Joe Murphy, a fourth-year information systems student, have been elected UW-Eau Claire’s 2020-2021 student body president and vice president, respectively. 

Following three days of voting via Qualtrics survey, the elections closed at 5 p.m. today.

The results — released on the UW-Eau Claire Student Senate webpage — showed a near-5 percent margin in favor of Ziebell and Murphy over their opponents, Jackie Buttafouco, a fourth-year biology student, and Joel Meier, a third-year marketing analytics student. 

A total of 2,517 students voted in this election — 1,373 voted in favor of the Ziebell-Murphy ticket.

The Ziebell-Murphy platform was based on four main pillars: equity and advocacy, sustainability, transparency and accountability, and student housing.

“Joe and I are very excited to continue our work to better the university that we know and love,” Ziebell said. “We are honored and elated to be elected to these positions and will fulfill these duties to as best as we possibly can.”

Though election turnout at UW-Eau Claire tends to be some of the highest in the UW System, Ziebell said, this election was especially intense.

“This year has proven to be an important one, with the Black Lives Matter Movement, COVID-19 pandemic and numerous other issues on our own campus,” Ziebell said. “We recognize the need for strong leadership to be able to collaborate and work with UW-Eau Claire Administration. We plan to create change and better everyone’s experience moving forward.”

Ziebell said she would like to thank this year’s “incredible” Student Senate ticket, as they are some of the most “passionate” and “dedicated” students she ever met.

Ziebell said she is confident that this year will mark one of the most successful Student Senate sessions yet.

Buttafouco said the results will not stop her from continuing her work, and she said she encourages others to join her in her efforts. 

“I plan on continuing the Coalition Against Sexism and Misogyny at UWEC and my involvement in the divestment campaign of (the UW-Eau Claire Police Department) and (the Eau Claire Area Police Department),” Buttafouco said. “I will continue to fight for this community and will utilize the other platforms I have been given the honor to work with and on.”

Elected On-Campus Senators

Mengcha Moua

Anna Wendorff

Nolan Buss

Yoshi Gaitan

Collin Abel

Harry Mateski

Ravi Delehanty

Brenden Hicks

Olivia Schenzel

Josiah Ziebell

Jordan Hogg

James Selje

Laena Otterbacher

Elected Off-Campus Senators

Haadia Malik

Lucy Chapman

Anna Smith

Erin Smith

Jaden Mikoulinskil

Alyssa Monson

Keisha Kappel

Caleb Kulich

Courtney Claeys

Eddie Flottemesch

Megan Robertson

Miranda Ricci

Avery Hartling

Brett Swanson

Justin Schilling

Quinn Buob

Lane Johnson

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