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Vehicle crashes and party crashers

McKenna Dirks

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3rd and Vine
April 5, 2022

Vehicle mishap

An officer was dispatched to the Phillips Lot regarding a two vehicle crash. The officer arrived to see a black Jeep and a silver sedan blocking traffic.

It appeared that both vehicles were backing out of adjacent parking stalls and struck each other. The officer made contact with operators, both female.

The females said they were not injured and not in need of medical services. The officer requested each female move back into their respective parking spaces to allow traffic to move through the area.

The officer spoke to the woman in the silver sedan first, who said she had been backing out of the parking space and observed the black Jeep backing up as well. She said she honked her horn but the jeep struck her back bumper.

The woman provided the officer with an insurance card and indicated there had been no damage to her car previously.

The officer then spoke to the second woman who occupied the black Jeep. She said she had been backing up and watching a vehicle that had stopped behind her to wait for a space. She said the other woman had struck her Jeep.

The second woman provided an insurance card and said no damage had been done to her jeep previously.

The officer photographed the damage and then cleared from the scene.

Party crashers tonight

In Sutherland Hall on March 7, an officer was dispatched regarding a loud party. The communication center said there was a loud party in room 107, which consisted of approximately 10 people.

Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the complainant in the Hall Director’s office. They said the residents in room 107 had been playing music too loud earlier in the evening. The complainant said they requested that they reduce the volume of the music and overall noise, which they did not comply with.

The complainant then made contact again in which they observed several mixed drinks around the room. They also heard someone talking about “putting something in their mouth.”

After speaking with the complainant, the officer knocked on the door of 107, which was immediately answered by a male.

The officer introduced themselves and the reason for contact. The male said his roommate was currently not in the room.

The officer observed six females and that the males eyes were extremely red and glossy. They also observed a strong odor of intoxicating beverages coming from the male’s breath and clothing.

The male said he had been drinking and that he had taken two shots of Captain Morgan rum.

Two of the females in the room had admitted to drinking while within the room, the remaining four had not.

The officer asked to perform a preliminary breath test on the occupants, to which they agreed. The results stood true to the occupants’ verbal responses to whether or not they had been drinking.

The officer told the four who had not been drinking that they were free to leave, and they brought the remaining intoxicated occupants to the UW-Eau Claire Police Department.

Once at the police department, the officer issued a first offense underage alcohol consumption citation to the occupants and answered any questions they had.

No further information is available.

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