A letter from the editor

The Spectator isn’t going anywhere

Madeline Fuerstenberg

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November 2, 2020

To my fellow students, faculty and staff:

UW-Eau Claire is facing some uncertain times. As we kick off this unprecedented three-week-long spring break — to be followed with two weeks of online-only instruction — we, at The Spectator, felt it necessary to reevaluate our semester plan.

The Spectator typically releases a print issue every two weeks, though new content can be found on our website on a weekly basis. 

As our campus empties, spring sports come to an end and other events are canceled, we’ve decided to postpone any further print issues until face-to-face classes resume.

Even then, we are not yet sure how we will fill our pages come mid-April — particularly the sports section. 

As we take this time to sort everything out, I wanted to address the campus community. While our work here at the Spectator will be limited for the next few weeks, we are not going anywhere.

We will strive to provide as much news coverage as we can, because we believe in our roles as journalists. 

Our campus has been through a lot this semester and The Spectator was there for all of it, fighting to keep our peers informed.

Until things return to normal, the Spectator writers and editors will do their reporting from home, over the phone and via email.

Any questions may be directed toward me at [email protected].

We will get through this, Blugolds. 

For now, I would like to urge every one of you to take care of yourselves, stay safe and enjoy the extended spring break.

Thank you.