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Knives, golden wedding rings and stop signs: A wild combination.

McKenna Dirks

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3rd and Vine
April 5, 2022

Not so married anymore

A gold men’s wedding ring — found to be 14 karats — had been turned in to the front office on Jan. 24 around 1 p.m. The finder of the ring said they had located it in Bridgman Hall. 

An officer transferred custody of the gold men’s wedding ring to a second officer. The second officer was unable to observe any form of identifying information, other than the “14K” stamped on the inside portion of the ring. 

The officer then transported the recovered wedding ring to the UW-Eau Claire Police Department for processing. The ring was put into a secure locker labeled, “Gold Men’s Wedding Ring (14k).”

No further information was available. 

Simon says stop 

On Jan. 27 around 4 p.m., an officer was on active duty patrol on the intersection of 700 University Drive and 800 University Drive. They observed a white sedan travel south and approach this intersection.

The officer watched the vehicle fail to slow down and stop for the intersection, which is a three-way stop. The stop signs were visible and free from obstruction, the officer said. 

The white sedan failed to stop and accelerated through the intersection at a rate of speed estimated to be about 20 mph, the officer said. The white sedan then approached a second three-way intersection in which they failed to stop at this stop sign, as well, the officer said. 

The officer initiated a traffic stop on this vehicle, a white 2011 Buick, bearing Wisconsin license plates. They introduced themselves to the driver, who said they were headed out to get food. 

The communication center said the driver was valid with no wants and was not on probation.

The officer issued a citation for failing to stop at a stop sign, which included a mandatory court date, following a bond amount of $175.30.

The officer then cleared the scene. 

Stranger danger

An officer was recently contacted regarding a male subject possibly in possession of a knife in the Davies Center on the morning of Jan. 30.

The officer was told the male subject had appeared to be homeless and was watching TV. The male subject had made no threats with the knife and it remained in their waistband. 

Upon arrival at the Davies Center, the officer met with the complainant. They said the unknown male appeared to be homeless and had been in the building the last few days. The complainant said they observed what appeared to be the handle of a knife sticking out of the male’s pants. 

The complainant said the handle was wrapped in a paracord. They said they had not observed the blade and wasn’t entirely sure it was a knife. They said it was visible, but the male never threatened anyone with it. 

The complainant said, due to the fact that the male subject was most likely homeless and the building didn’t allow weapons, they called the UW-Eau Claire Police Department. 

The officer came in contact with the male subject and introduced themselves. The officer told the male to keep his hands visible and to make no furtive movements toward the knife. The male said he understood. 

The male said he was homeless and from Peoria, Illinois. He said he had been in Eau Claire for a year and resides at the Sojourner House. He said he keeps the knife on himself for protection because he was stabbed in Eau Claire a year ago. 

The officer told the male about the dangerous weapons ordinance on campus. He said he didn’t know about the ordinance and denied seeing the signs on the doors indicating no weapons allowed. He also denied using the knife in any threatening manner on campus. 

The male subject turned out to be valid with no wants and not on probation, the officer said. They then issued the male a citation for his weapon and cleared the scene. 

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