63rd Session of Student Senate sworn in

18 off-campus and 12 on-campus senators take oath of office

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Photo by Sam Farley

The newly elected members of the 63rd Session were sworn in during an April meeting last spring.

The 63rd Session of Student Senate was sworn in at Monday’s meeting, concluding the 62nd Session.

Following the conclusion of unfinished business, 18 off-campus and 12 on-campus senators took the oath of office, kicking off the new session.

For its first piece of legislation, the 63rd Session passed a resolution in support of increasing the Student Organization Fund amount for fiscal year 2021.

Currently, there is $40,000 in the Student Organization Fund. For the 2018-19 funding process, a $2,000 maximum allocation per student organization was implemented. According to the resolution, most organizations did not receive the full requested amount due to this cap.

The total requested amount by student organizations for 2018-19 was $56,250, which exceeded the allocable $40,000 by $16,250. According to the resolution, an increase in available funding would help meet the demand of student organizations on campus.

“The Student Organization Commission found that it is time to commit to raising this,” Student Organization Director Alex Kurutz said of the fund.

Kurutz said the commission saw a decrease in organizations applying to receive funding because of the cap in place.

Residence Hall Association Liaison Travis DuChene spoke in support of the bill, citing his experience on the Student Organization Commission during the funding process. DuChene said he and others listened to student organizations’ goals for students, but because of lack of funding, they were unable to achieve those goals.

“It speaks to all the possibilities this university could offer to students and the lack of funding we’re able (to give) to make that happen,” DuChene said.

The resolution passed 30-0-2.

Other news:

  • The 62nd Session passed a bill to approve the Information Technology Commission budget.
  • The 62nd Session passed a bill to fund exterior additions to the Welcome Center. Exterior additions include three electric vehicle charging stations and 29 native trees.