This week on Blugold Radio Sunday

A new segment called “In Their Shoes” has been added to Blugold Radio Sunday. Bailey Rieger-Borer will produce the new segment in which she shadows a Chippewa Valley resident for a day to get an in-depth look at who they are and what they do.  The debut of “In Their Shoes” will include a job shadow with SHIFT Cyclery and Coffee Bar’s manager.

Along with Sunday’s inclusion of a new segment, the regular segments will return with the following features:

  • “Spin Cycle” hosted by Scarlett Bahma and Patric LeMarsh will discuss the rumor going around the internet that pop-singer Justin Bieber and TV personality Hailey Baldwin might have eloped this past weekend after pushing hard for a courthouse wedding.
  • “Tea Time” hosted by Victoria Jones and Kathy Ngo will take a special look at Halloween, including in their discussion, the history, myths and stories that come with Halloween.
  • On “Producer’s Panel” Clara Neupert, Jon Fortier and Matt Hordyke will pick up conversation from last week on the discussion of technology.
  • “Rock Talk” hosted by Tyler Bee and Andrew Moen will discuss why they disagree with Ted Nugent’s opinion that he should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Bee and Moen will also bring to attention the new Bohemian Rhapsody movie that will be released on Nov. 2.
  • “The Final Whistle” hosted by Jon Fortier, Tyler Bee, and Shayne Holtzman will analyze the Green Bay Packers game against the Los Angeles Rams. The three will also be taking a look at how the National Basketball Association changed the “one-and-done” rule allowing players to enter professional play right out of high school.
  • “Album Analyzer” hosted by Oscar Sexauer, will bring in guest Josh Krien to talk how, after four years, Hozier recently released a new hit album called “Nina Cried Power.”

At the top of each hour, News Director Kailin Schumacher will anchor Blugold Radio Sunday News. Blugold Radio Sunday provides entertainment and informative content in each week’s broadcast from the UW-Eau Claire.