Student Senate approves funding for LED lighting in Davies Center

The $40,000 project will save $15,000 per year in electricity bills

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Photo by Kar Wei Cheng

A bill to allocate funds toward converting Davies Student Center to 100 percent LED lighting was passed 20-0-2 on Monday.

Student Senate passed a bill to allocate $40,000 toward transitioning Davies Student Center to 100 percent LED lighting.

Currently, only 25 percent of Davies Center uses LED lighting. Funding for the project will come from the Student Office of Sustainability’s Green Fund.

Installation of LED lighting will save the university about $15,000 per year in electricity bills, SOS Director Austin Northagen said.

Senator Lauren Becker spoke in support of the bill, saying that “concrete and deliberate action must be taken” to maintain the university’s commitment to sustainability.

“Transitioning to 100 percent LED lighting in our most sustainable building is one such action. As our university continues to grow in sustainability values, culture and initiatives, we need to make sure the foundations of our university in the form of facilities is planted firmly in sustainable infrastructure.”

The bill passed 20-0-2.


Other news:

  • Austin Gulbrandson and Riley Rakoweicki were sworn in as off-campus senators. Both Gulbrandson and Rakoweicki served on Senate during its 61st Session.


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