Student Senate tables bill regarding restructuring

The bill’s authors moved to table it at the beginning of discussion

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Photo by Lindsey Ambrosius

If passed, the bill would have authorized a fall referendum for the student body to make the final decision on the restructuring. The bill’s authors tabled the bill.

Student Senate on Monday tabled indefinitely a bill that proposed restructuring the Senate body.

Justin Vue, Senate Equity Director for the Equity in Student Matters Commission and one of the bill’s authors, moved to table the bill. He didn’t provide reasoning behind the decision, but said he and other authors took time to reflect on student input and wanted the changes “to be the best possible changes that it can be.”

If passed, the bill would have authorized a referendum in the fall for the student body to vote on the proposed restructuring.

Under the amendments, Senate seats would be allocated under four different categories: Academic Senators (14 seats); Housing and Residence Life Senators (4 seats); Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Senators (9 seats); and Specially Elected Senators (8 seats), for a total of 35 senators.

The current structure allocates seats to two categories: on-campus (11 seats) and off-campus (19 seats) senators.

Each category under the proposed restructure would have allocated seats to specific demographics on campus such as multicultural organizations (5 seats), transfer student (1 seat), students from different academic colleges (unspecified number of seats) and Residence Hall Association (1 seat).

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