Ordinance vote postponed

Eau Claire City Council tabled the Public Good Order ordinance on Tuesday night


Photo by Kar Wei Cheng

The Eau Claire City Council tabled the ordinance in a 7-3 decision. City Manager Dale Peters expects the legislation to reappear in May after discussion.

After a well-attended public hearing, the Eau Claire City Council tabled the Public Good Order ordinance in a 7-3 decision on Tuesday.

Concerns of the ordinance’s ambiguity persuaded the Council to postpone the vote, according to the Leader-Telegram.

Additionally, a “Neighborhood Safety and Relations Task Force” group was created. Two students from UW-Eau Claire and two students from Chippewa Valley Technical College will be included in the group, as well as neighborhood associations, the health department and some others.

City Manager Dale Peters, who is set to lead the task force, will put the ordinance back on the agenda after the community has discussed the ordinance together. Peters told the Leader-Telegram he wants to reintroduce the ordinance by May.

Katy McGarry, Eau Claire’s Student Body President, said she is pleased with the Council’s decision to assemble a task force. The group will allow for different perspectives and values to be considered during ordinance’s refinement, McGarry said.

“I think this is a great thing for students and the community to come together as a collective group,” McGarry said.

The amended ordinance is an attempt to change Eau Claire’s drinking culture. It would update the laws surrounding public disorder and intoxication, physical neighborhood disruption and motor vehicle restrictions. Fines for violations could amount to $295, including court fees.

McGarry said she takes pride in the impact Eau Claire students and Student Senators have had on the ordinance’s vote postponement.

The number of Blugolds who have been participating in the discussion surrounding the ordinance is inspiring to her, she said.

“I think that speaks volumes,” McGarry said.