Student Senate withdraws resolution in support of Blugold veterans

Senate will wait until more conversation with veterans before bringing the resolution back to be voted on

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Photo by Kar Wei Cheng

Senate also approved four new campus organizations: UWEC Blugold Mile, Music and Memory, Organization for Meditation, and CHAARG.

Student Senate withdrew a previously tabled resolution to support campus veterans at Monday night’s meeting.

Justin Vue, the senate equity director for the Equity in Student Matters Commission, withdrew the resolution because he had not yet received a response to a request for setting up a meeting time to discuss it.

“With that being said, myself and other authors of this resolution want to make sure that all information does accurately represent, and that individuals being represented by the resolution are in full agreement of it,” Vue said, “so with that being said, once we go into speakers’ list I will be withdrawing this resolution.”

Once they have more conversation with veterans, Vue said, the authors will bring it back to the body to be voted on.

Other news

Senate approved four new campus organizations, which were introduced last week:

         UWEC Blugold Mile

         Music and Memory

         Organization for Meditation (OM)

        Changing Health, Attitudes, + Actions to Recreate Girls (CHAARG)

Senator Skyler Hanson resigned from Senate.