Senate amends Chapter X of Student Senate Bylaws

The Senate voted unanimously to remove the section regarding service hours from the Bylaws

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Student Senate passed a bill removing the service hour requirement in Chapter X of the Student Senate Bylaws.

Student Senate’s 61st Session passed a bill Monday evening to amend a chapter pertaining to the responsibilities of Student Senators in the Student Senate Bylaws.

The bill removed the section regarding service hours in Chapter X of the Bylaws. Before the amendment, senators would have had to complete one service hour per week on top of their weekly office hour and outreach hour.

Chief of Staff Branden Yates said the service hours section was copied and pasted from the old Bylaws.

Yates added that removing the service hour requirement would clear up discrepancies in the future with regards to attendance. As it stood before the amendment, he said, if senators missed their service hour five times, they risked being removed from Senate because those hours would be counted as unexcused absences.

“I urge you guys all to vote this up,” Yates said. “It just clears up some discrepancies in the Bylaws and makes it easier for Student Senators to understand their responsibilities, and it makes it easier for the Exec board to enforce those responsibilities.”

Senators will still be performing service hours in the semester event planned by the Yates as part of his Chief of Staff responsibilities, he said.

The bill passed unanimously in a voiced vote.