Student Senate begins transition to fall

The final Student Senate meeting of spring semester is laden with goodbyes and new appointments

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Photo by Amanda Thao

UW-Eau Claire’s graduating student teachers pose to reenact the university’s first graduating class of teachers in 1917.

Student Senate held their final meeting of the academic school year Monday night and appointed eight director positions to serve on the 61st Session.

Many members of Senate expressed they enjoyed their time serving during the last meeting before summer break. Ethan Fuhrman, who served as the director of student office of sustainability and is graduating next week, expressed the importance of student government before a body of many new senators.

“Student shared government is a sacred right,” Fuhrman said. “Take this responsibility seriously.”

The applicants for the eight directorship positions presented before Senate, and their speeches were followed with closed-session deliberations and a vote. All eight of the applicants were voted in. The elected directors and their positions are as follows:

— Equity and Student Matters Director – Justin Vue

— Communications Director – Amanda Thao

— Finance Director – Dier Pulatov

— Intergovernmental Affairs Director – Martin Sandberg

— Information Technology Commissions Director – Alex Stout

— Parliamentarian – Loralei Zimbauer

— Student Office of Sustainability Director – Kristina Haideman

— University Activity Commision Programming Director – Hannah Woods

The meeting ended with a few parting words from Student Body President Katy McGarry.

“It has been a pleasure serving with you already,” McGarry said. “Please enjoy your summer, stay safe and have fun. Student Senate is on the back burner for you now.”

With the final meeting coming to a close, returning members will begin to prepare for the inaugural meeting of the 62nd session this September.