Students get in the spirit of Mother’s Day

Students share memories of their mothers

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Photo by Sydney Purpora

Sophomore Jake McCulloch spent time with his mother when she visited for Delta Sigma Phi’s family weekend.

Living alone for the first time caused sophomore Jake McCulloch to realize how much he misses his mother.

“All of the years she put up with me and everything she did for me,” McCulloch said, “I never even realized it until I was on my own.”

Growing up a mama’s boy, McCulloch said he depended on his mother for most of his needs.

Doing his laundry, cooking for him and helping him with his homework were everyday tasks McCulloch said his mother did for him.

Outside of the house, McCulloch said his mother was a huge support system for him in sports. No matter rain or shine his mother would be there on the sidelines cheering him on at every lacrosse game, whether he was a bench warmer or the team’s star player of the game.

Mother’s Day is a holiday to celebrate and give thank all mothers for the work they have done and the love they have given.  In honor of the upcoming holiday, UW-Eau Claire students were asked what came to mind when they thought of their mothers.

Here is what they said:

“The best memories I have of my mom are when we go camping. That’s when I feel closest with her.”

— Allison Bolin, sophomore geography student.

“When my mom took my sister and me to our first concert. It was on a school night in downtown Milwaukee when I was in middle school. It pretty much sums up my mom’s personality: a lot of fun and a risk taker but going above and beyond for my siblings and me.” — Nick Lanser, senior operations/materials management student.

“I always think of gardening. When I was little and it started to get warm out, we would always plant bulbs. Pretty much the whole summer we would be gardening.” — Emily Kinzel, sophomore English education student.

“I think of coffee, cigarettes and long drives out to the family farm.” — Katie Mafemann, junior sociology student.

“I think of how supportive she has been of me over the years, how patient she is with everything I throw at her and of course, how much I love her.” — Allison Wirth, sophomore English education student.