Police Blotter

Intoxicated outside Towers Hall and near Water Street Bridge

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Upset stomach

University Police found a heavily intoxicated subject on the sidewalk around midnight May 7 outside Towers Hall. She was with a group of friends and a resident assistant from Towers South Hall, according to the report.

There was vomit on the ground, the side of her face and in her hair. When she sat up, her friend had to hold her head up, according to the report.

The officer on scene began asking her a few questions. She was able to tell the officer she was on campus, but couldn’t specify further. She also couldn’t come up with her parents’ address and instead began rambling off numerous different number combinations.

A preliminary breath test resulted in a .22, according to the report.

Communication Center dispatched an ambulance to respond for a detox and when the officer tried to continue talking with the subject she would softly yell when she wasn’t able to answer his questions.

The subject was transported to Sacred Heart Hospital and a citation for underage drinking was issued.

Laced Water Bottle

University Police received a call with a complaint about a group in the Water Street Bridge construction area throwing objects around 10 p.m. on Friday May 6. One subject had a shovel and was using it to hit things, according to the report.

The University Police arrived when they were walking across a parking lot. The police stopped the subjects and told them about the complaint.

When the officer asked the group why they were in the construction site they denied it. After the officer said they were seen on camera they began telling the truth, according to the report. The group told the officer they had crossed the bridge and were throwing rocks around without vandalizing or damaging anything.

The subject with the shovel said he had found it and used it to shield himself from the rocks another subject from the group was throwing at him, according to the report. He said only rocks were being thrown around and they didn’t damage any equipment.

The University Police could smell odor of intoxicants coming from the male subjects.

When asked how much alcohol had been consumed, one of the subjects said he had two beers over an hour before.

He submitted to a preliminary breath test with a .09 test result. He removed two other alcoholic beverages from his backpack when asked, according to the report. Another male subject also removed alcohol from his backpack and resulted in a .03 PBT.

One female subject had a PBT result of .07 and of .12, according to the report.