Spring break memories

UW-Eau Claire students finally catching a break

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Tan lines, sandy toes and the sound of waves crashing on the shores. Nothing can ruin this moment. Until … wait, is that snow?

No matter what weather they experienced, the students of UW-Eau Claire said this spring break was much needed and created unforgettable memories.

Sophomore Marin Killam said she spent her spring break in Bradenton, Florida with three of her friends.

“I think my trip was very beneficial to me,” Killam said. “It gave me the opportunity to really relax for a week and then prepare myself to finish the rest of the semester.”

When selecting their destination, Killam said they wanted to go on a fun and relaxing trip while avoiding the high costs of a resort. They chose Bradenton because they were able to stay with one of her friend’s grandparents.

Killam and her friends got to visit four beaches on the coast: Clearwater, Holmes, Anna Marie Island and Siesta Key.

While she enjoyed seeing the other beaches, Killam said meeting up with her boyfriend and his friends at Clearwater Beach is her fondest memory.

Killam said this trip taught her a lot about herself as a traveler, and it gave her a lot of experience she can use in the long run. With hopes of going somewhere new next year, Killam said she brought most of this year’s trip home with her.

“From this break I’ll take back lots of fun memories, photos and of course a tan,” Killam said.

Although she didn’t get to go some place warm, Carley Berchem said this spring break was imperative.

“I needed a break,” Berchem, an integrated communication student, said.

Returning home to Woodbury, Minnesota, Berchem said she found time to relax and spend time with friends and family.

During her visit home, Berchem and her family had a “mini getaway” for themselves and drove up to Duluth, Minnesota. There her and her family went hiking and sightseeing to enjoy their time off.

“We have been there before, but it is really pretty up there and it is always fun to go,” Berchem said.

She enjoyed not having to do school work and making memories with her family while decorating Easter eggs, Berchem said.

“Every Easter my family and I always dye eggs,” Berchem said. “We do crazy designs and make them super unique and then we hide them around the house to find.”

With over 10,000 students attending Eau Claire there are just as many memories and stories that were made over spring break. If there is one thing most of the student’s can agree on, it’s that it was much needed.

“I am more well rested,” Berchem said. “Now I can come back and know that the end is near so it is time to keep pushing on.”