Police Blotter

A theft, underage drinking and suspicion of marijuana use

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Sober cab

At 2:04 a.m. on March 12 University Police performed a patrol stop at an intersection off 3rd Avenue and Water Street.

A green 2002 Ford 4-door SUV was traveling eastbound on Water Street without its exterior lights on. The vehicle traveled approximately three blocks before activating its exterior lights, according to the reports.

Five occupants were inside and the female driver immediately apologized. She said she had just realized she had forgotten to activate the lights. She then said she had just picked up the other passengers from the bars on Barstow Street and was their “sober cab.”

After a record’s check was conducted through the Communication Center it was determined the designated driver had an expired probationary license, according to the report. A citation was given for operating without a license.


Embezzled furniture

Around 12:40 p.m. on March 13 two female subjects were observed  on a median adjacent to Garfield Ave. One subject was standing and the other was seated on a lawn chair, according to the report.

When they saw the police approaching, the two began walking eastbound and left the chair behind.

The officer asked why they had left behind the chair. One of the subjects said the chair belonged to a friend’s neighbor.

Later in the conversation one subject revealed they had been to a party where someone told them to take the chair from a yard.  The officer said this would be considered theft and they needed to try and get the chair back to its owner.

The officer detected intoxicants coming from one of the subjects’ breath. She admitted to consuming two Mike’s Hard Lemonades and agreed to a PBT. A reading of .15 was obtained.

A citation of underage drinking was issued.


Liquor party

At 7:30 p.m. on March 12 the University Police detected marijuana coming from the stairwell located in the north wing of Oakridge, according to the report.

Loud music and voices were coming from a nearby room. The officer on the scene knocked and heard someone in the room but there was no answer. After he knocked again a subject answered the door and said she lived in the room.

With the subject’s consent, the officer entered the room and observed multiple containers of alcohol and several people. He said he was there to investigate a marijuana complaint. He also asked everyone to place all the alcohol in the center of the room.

Everyone in the room said they had not used marijuana. They told the officer other people had been entering and exiting the room, and a group that left around 7 p.m. may have left the strong odor, according to the report.

No illegal items were located after a consent search was conducted. The subjects in the room were asked to dispose the alcohol.