Police Blotter

4 total drug cases, and one suspended driver’s license

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License on the back burner

A grey 2002 Mitsubishi two-door sedan was traveling eastbound at 12:44 a.m. on Water Street when a records check was conducted on the registration of the vehicle. The registered owner had a suspended driver’s license, according to the report.

A lone occupant was found inside the car. The owner of the car said he was aware his license was suspended but insisted he was only driving to pick up an intoxicated friend from Water Street.

The suspect was asked to show proof of insurance and he said the vehicle was not currently insured. When asked how long the vehicle had been uninsured, the subject said “for a while.”

The Communication Center said the occupant’s driving status was suspended due to failure to pay forfeiture. They also said he had 27 offenses for operating after suspension, according to the report.

The driver received two citations, one for operating a motor vehicle without insurance and the other for operating a vehicle after a citation.

Nothing to Hide

Two officers arrived on the scene at 12:29 a.m. at Sutherland and went to the first floor.

Marijuana was detected coming from a nearby room on the floor. There was also a draft coming from the room and voices were heard as well, according to the report.

The officer knocked and heard the movement and voices in the room cease. He knocked again but there was no response. After about one minute, a male subject finally opened the door. When asked, he said he lived there and granted permission for the officers to enter.
Inside, another male subject was seated on a futon. It was observed that both had extremely red and bloodshot eyes, according to the report.

When asked if they had recently smoked any cannabis, both admitted to smoking two hours ago at a house off campus. They denied smoking in the room or outside.

Both of the subjects denied possessing any illegal items. When asked what they recently smoked out of, the two males hesitated before stating they had smoked a joint and thus did not have any more marijuana or drug paraphernalia.

One officer noticed a large plastic baggie covering the smoke detector in the room. When asked about the baggie, one of subjects said the detector began beeping so he placed a baggie on it to stop the noise.

The officer said in order for a sensor to activate, there must be smoke in the room. The subjects denied smoking again.
According to the report, one of the subjects appeared nervous and was physically shaking while talking to the officer.

A glass water pipe was observed underneath the futon. As it was being retrieved, there was also a green propane torch and a bottle of alcohol next to the water pipe.

They both denied it. The occupant of the room said he did not know how the pipe got into the room.

According to the report, every time the two subjects answered questions they hesitated and would look at one another before responding. One of them would not make eye contact and instead stared at the ground.

A backpack on the floor was observed. After consent to search it was given, a strong odor was detected. The owner of the backpack did not make eye contact nor answer questions.

Due to their lack of cooperation, it was advised they would not be eligible for the Diversion Program and would be issued ordinance citations.

While one officer stayed inside, one of the suspects admitted the pipe belonged to him and requested no citations be issued.

Both of the subjects then said they wished to participate in the Diversion Program.