Police Blotter

University Police inspect drug case and conduct traffic stop

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Sweet Cannabis Tea
University Police arrived at Towers South Hall after a resident assistant called about the odor of marijuana coming from a dorm room, according to the police report.

When the officer knocked on the door there was no response, but there was audible movement on the other end. After about two minutes of knocking the officer heard the noise of something being removed from the door, according to the report.

A subject opened the door and said she lived in the room. She gave the officer permission to enter the room. There was duct tape across the door frame on the inside. She explained the tape was there to keep a friend from coming into her room.

The officer asked the subject why she took so long to answer the door. She said she was up in her bed with her computer and did not hear him at first, according to the report.

The subject said she hadn’t been smoking marijuana and would not condone a search of her room. She said she did not have any drugs in her room, but was storing containers which used to have marijuana in them for her friends.

She handed over a coffee container from her closet with a homemade cardboard “blow tube” and several plastic baggies with a small amount of green plant material inside. She said again the items did not belong to her.

After the officer told the suspect he speculated she had recently smoked the hemp plant, she said she had with her friends at 12 a.m. on Putnam Rock. When asked if there was anything else illegal in her room, she said she had a small supply of drugs in her room but never intended on smoking it.

The subject retrieved a coffee mug filled with hot tea. She said she put all of her remaining cannabis inside the tea because the smell was too strong in her room and she thought the tea would mask the odor.

While the officer conducted the search he found two forged driver’s licenses with the subject’s name, photo and false age on it. She said the licenses were ordered online but never used them to purchase alcohol.

She agreed to participate in the diversion program.

Street Patrol
While on stationary patrol University Police observed a white, four-door sedan run a stop sign at about 10 mph at 1:27 p.m. on Feb. 24, according to the report.

The car was driving through the intersection at approximately 10 mph along the 600 block of University Drive. The vehicle then traveled northbound on the 700 block of University Drive. The police initiated a traffic stop.

While explaining the reason for the stop, the subject began to argue that he should not have to stop if he did not observe any other cars around. It was then observed that he was not wearing a seatbelt. The subject said he had just pulled out of a parking lot and didn’t think he needed to put it on right away. The officer issued a citation.