UWEC princess flips script, plays hero

UWEC student brings children’s fantasies to life

UWEC princess flips script, plays hero

Photo by Jordan Niles

Not everyone can go to Disney World. One UW-Eau Claire student helps alleviate that pain in an unconventional way.
Senior Misty Price dresses up as princesses and visits children at various events, from birthday parties to storytelling at libraries.

“When I was really young, the person who used to babysit me after school knew I was into Pokemon and those kind of shows and so he was like ‘Here, you’ll love this,’” Price said. “And so I went to a convention and then it just kinda stuck and never went away.”

From that moment on, Price started attending events, making her own costumes and competing in competitions. But one day her friend, who works for a school in Eden Prairie, Minn., asked her an important favor.

“Last winter, she had asked ‘Hey, would you be interested in coming over and talking to these kids and reading to them as a snow princess?’” Price said. “And I said absolutely. I get to see you, I get to hang out with kids, I get to be in costume, it’s a fun time all around.”

The school was low income and it was very unlikely that the children would ever get to go to Disney World. So when Price arrived in full regalia, the children were “enthralled.”

“That look on their face was literally the best,” Price said.

Price also remembers a second occasion at ZooBoo, a trick-or-treating event hosted by Como Park Zoo.

“We were hugging kids, saying ‘Hi,’ taking pictures and one little girl hugs me and leaves saying ‘Bye, see you at Disney World over spring break’ and that just feels warm and fuzzy,” Price said. “I just gave them that connection that they’re not going to get from the big four hour wait that is Disney World.”

And that is why Price does what she does. She loves the costumes, she loves hanging out with kids, she loves seeing their reactions; but most importantly she loves making a difference.

“They can think … the little mermaid reads, therefore it must be cool,” Price said. “If she can do it I can.”