Diversity discussions to expand education

Upcoming diversity forum will touch on treaty rights and conservation trends

Story by Lauren Kritter, Staff Writer

The diversity forum strives to expand the education for UW-Eau Claire students. Power, privilege, oppression and race: all are topics that the diversity forum speakers discuss.

Every week a new guest speaks to students in the Social Human Relations course. This week marked the seventh forum of the series this semester.

The forum acts as a learning experience explaining to students how they can dismantle their bias and assumptions, especially when working with people in society, Anjela Wong, assistant professor for the department of education studies, said.

“With the various cultures and topics being talked about in these forums, we hope to start to develop well-rounded students,” Wong said.

At 4 p.m., Thursday April 9, James St. Arnold discussed treaty rights and current trends in conservations in Centennial Hall room 1415. He related his life experiences with treaties, tribes and resource management to the topics discussed earlier that week in lecture. Speaking in this manner gives students a way to relate their learnings to real world examples.

“The forums are really helpful because the students get to have hands on experiences with the experts instead of just learning about it in the classroom,” Wong said. “Having these forums attached to a class really helps to bring a full understanding to these students.”

Student Jackie Oakes agrees. She said that having something to relate their in-class topics to the real world help with the learning process.

“Having an outsiders perspectives makes everything seem much more real and relatable,” Oakes said.

The forums cover different topics each week and are free for the public to attend.

The wide range of speakers brings new insight and ideas for students about the diverse range of topics.

“The forums help to expand our learning in this class,” Oakes said, which is what the plan has been for this diversity series all along.