Creating a home away from home

Students learn to readjust to campus life after winter break

Story by Sammi Wendling, Staff Writer

Adjusting to life on campus after break can be exciting, but it can also be tough for students.  Freshman Briar Swann said balancing school, friends, and the adjustment back to campus life can be rewarding.

“Take some time to relax and see your friends, and try to make new ones,” Swann said. “But also make sure to start the semester off right by keeping up with school work right off the bat so you don’t have to play catch-up later.”

Freshman Mike Wright is looking forward to seeing his family next, but is also excited to be back at UW- Eau Claire.

“On one hand, I really missed my family, especially my puppies, but on the other, I was glad to have my freedom back.” Wright said.

Wright said that when adjusting back to class, it’s key to keep a balance between family, friends and freedom.

Hayden Schulte, a freshman on campus, was used to being home over break, and didn’t want to leave, she said.

“Now that I am back, I love it, and this feels like home again,” Schulte said.

Students who are having difficulty adjusting back to campus can use UW-Eau Claire Counseling Services, which is located at Old Library 2122.  All sessions are confidential and counselors are available if you are lonely, depressed, stressed, or just need to talk.

Luke Fedie, a Clinician and Case Manager for UW-Eau Claire Counseling Services, said it can be easy for students to come back and isolate themselves after visiting home, especially in bitter-cold weather.

Fedie said more students use Counseling Services fall semester. However, students usually continue sessions into Spring, because it’s easy to jump into a routine back home over break.

“My advice for students is to be around people and cultivate social connections with old and new friends,” Fedie said. “Building rituals, like having dinner with friends, is key. For students, UWEC is a home away from home.”